Jesus, our daily supply

At the conference this year in Małe Ciche, Poland, I was really touched by the need to have a daily contact with the Lord and to gain Him as our rich supply every morning. By eating Christ as our manna at the beginning of the day and by digesting him throughout it, we can be; filled, strengthen and defended from our flesh. Only by having a change in our diet, from eating worldly things to eating Jesus as the living bread (John 6:51), will our inner man be changed and perfected for his purpose, his economy. I also enjoyed that we can drink our Lord as the living water (John 7.37-39). When we try to find happiness in the world, nothing will satisfy us and we will still be thirsty. The only way to be fully satisfied and never thirst again is to drink Christ every moment each day just by calling on His name.

Just by calling, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.”

Every moment, each day!

Calling on the name of Jesus—

We’re finding is the way.

It’s Jesus, Lord Jesus!

Then we will feel the reality of God in our spirit and the reality of being mingled with the church into one Body. Thank you Lord for this wonderful conference and for showing us the way. Saints ”Eating and drinking Jesus is the way!”

[sharing by brother Pawel N. of his enjoyment at the Poland Conference 2012]

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