A timely word on The Upper Room Consecration

In the recent Monthly All-London Student Meeting we heard a timely word on The Upper Room Consecration. Whereas general consecration is for us to voluntarily give ourselves to follow the Lord (Numbers 6), the upper room consecration is for God’s move on earth.

Mark 5:25-31 is an account of a crowd of people who followed the Lord, yet out of everyone in that crowd only one touched the Lord – a woman who had a constant flow of blood and was desperate enough to really touch the Lord! To be in the crowd is one thing, but to touch the Lord in a living and personal way is another. We have to see our real condition and be desperate to really touch the Lord. Only those who have the experience of a genuine touch with the Lord can be useful as far as the Lord’s move and His second coming is concerned. Thousands were in the crowds who followed the Lord, yet only one hundred and twenty were in the upper room. The Lord’s move is with those in the upper room.

Where do you want to be, in the crowds or in the upper room?

Brother Newman told the story of how he is the beneficiary of a twenty something year old British young man, who left everything and came to South Korea to preach the gospel. Before this young man could preach the gospel a soldier pierced his side, but as he was dying he handed out a Gospel of John in Korean to that soldier. And guess who was the first Christian in South Korea – it was that soldier! Surely that young man’s heart was not cold towards the Lord. Not only do our eyes need to be open to see the heavenly vision, but our heart must be warm toward the Lord. If we are burning, we will surely burn others.

The upper room consecration is for God to turn the age. In Acts 1 we see the upper room consecration, in Acts 2 we see the church. One hundred and twenty people came into the upper room to be burned, and then they turned the whole world upside down. The principle is the same today; it is a small number of people who will turn the world, as we know, it upside down, and bring in the end of this age.

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