A Turning Point in our Life – Seeing the Heavenly Vision! (2014 Uni Training)

A Turning Point in our Life - Seeing the Heavenly VisionWhen I opened my outline to prepare my sharing I saw that the first thing I have written down was a simple prayer: “Lord – You have to change something in me!” Praise the Lord that He answered my calling!

The week of the 2014 University Training was probably the most amazing time in my life. I have been already 7 times at the YP Conference in Poland and 7 times at the Winter School of Truth, but the Lord never touched me in such a way like during these 7 days.

The general subject was: “The Heavenly Vision“. During the first message we’ve heard that no one can really teach us what the heavenly vision is. At the beginning I didn’t understand it, because we were going to talk about the heavenly vision during the whole week and I thought that in some way we will learn about it. But as we were going through the outline I understood that although the vision of God’s economy is in the Bible, we need to turn to our spirit to see it.

Nowadays there are so many people that read the Bible only using their mind. They are gaining some knowledge about God but they don’t really know God nor experience God. They may even know something about God’s purpose but they will never take God’s way as their own, because only the heavenly vision, given personally to us from the Lord through the spirit, can “govern us, restrict us, control us, direct us, preserve us, revolutionize us, keep us in the genuine oneness and give us the boldness to go on”!

There was a point in the outline that made it a little bit more clear to me:

In order to have a vision, we need revelation (unveiling), light and sight.

Eph 1:17-18 That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the full knowledge of Him, The eyes of your heart having been enlightened, that you may know what is the hope of His calling.

It is the SPIRIT of wisdom and revelation that shows us what is the hope of God’s calling – what is really on God’s heart. Then the other verse came:

Gal. 1:12 For neither did I receive it [the gospel] from man, nor was I taught it, but I received it through a revelation by Jesus Christ.

Apostle Paul didn’t receive a revelation, a vision, from man. It was impossible for man to change Saul (later apostle Paul), who was thinking only about persecuting Christians. In Acts 9:1 we even read that: “Saul, still breathing threatening and murder against the disciples of the Lord, went to the high priest”. Saul was breathing threatening and murder against those who followed the Lord. That’s why he went to Damascus – to find “any who were of the Way” (the Way of Christianity) and “bring them bound to Jerusalem” (v. 2).

Saul thought that by doing this, he serves God, but actually his life was in the darkness of dead religion. He needed the light from God. In verse 3 we read that “as he went, he drew near to Damascus, and suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him.” Praise the Lord that Saul had seen a light from heaven – the heavenly vision! This was a turning point in his life. Instantaneously he turned from killing believers to saving their lives by preaching the gospel. What a shame to the enemy! We need to be impressed that it was a vision that changed him – not doctrines, knowledge or human teaching.

I’m thankful to the brothers that instead of trying to teach us how the heavenly vision looks like (which is impossible to do), they were encouraging us to spend a personal time with the Lord and pray, because the vision is something that we can see and experience only in our regenerated spirit. If we see it, we’ll never be the same – our taste toward the worldly things will change and we’ll have a strong feeling in our heart which will direct us to the Lord every day. It will revolutionize our life like it revolutionized apostles Paul’s life!

The Bible reveals many things which are on God’s heart and if we pray about them, the Lord might make them a personal vision to us. By spending time in the Word of God the vision will become clearer and clearer, day by day.

During the training we were going through the subjects of the vision of Christ and the Church – His Body, the vision of dealing with our Self and the World, and the vision of Consecration. I hope that other students also will be touched to share their enjoyment and will say more about these points.

Thank You Lord for Your blessing during the University Training! Thank You for opening our eyes and touching our hearts! Thank You that after this Training I’m no longer the same person! That You for changing my life and making it more meaningful!

Oh, may a clear, controlling vision of
The Lord’s economy direct my heart,
And burn in me until my spirit’s wholly set afire!
With spirit strong and active we’ll press on
To consummate God’s goal—
New Jerusalem, Hallelujah!”
(Hymn: “God has called us for His purpose“)

Sharing by bro. P. N. (Warsaw, Poland) from his top enjoyment in the 2014 University Training held in August 2014 at Bower House. Send us what impressed you from this training at21stcenturynazarites@gmail.com.