Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Conferences and Trainings: is a blog re-speaking the truth and vision from conferences and trainings, with the purpose of sustaining growth (hence dealing with the problem of the Midianites) and with the intention that this will create further study, discussion, and fellowship around each topic.

2. Gospel: is an aide to help young people in the Lord’s recovery utilise the internet for the Lord and to cause the enemy to suffer the Lord. Cyberspace belongs to the Lord.

Coming soon…

3. My 21CN: will be about living the life of a Nazarite in the 21st Century. My Consecration will be about making a personalised consecration to the Lord. My Group will be about banding together with companions to encourage one another to keep to their consecration.


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  1. Praise the Lord!!! I love the lord and now i’m coming back to the beginning, where I can eat the tree of life and drink the river of life. Christ is so enjoyable…
    Greeting from Chile dear saints.

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