As We are Infused with God we will Gradually Express God (2013 Poland Camp)

As We are Infused with God we will Gradually Express God (2013 Poland Camp)This year’s Poland Camp was focused on the third stage of the Crucial Aspects of God’s Economy Portrayed in Exodus – Revelation. The burden that was released during the week is that we would be the loving seekers and not the law keepers.

In message 2 we saw that the children of Israel were brought into the presence of God at mount Sinai (Exo. 19:11); the significance of mount Sinai is that it is the place for God to speak. For us today, we have mount Sinai in our spirit, so the more we go up the mountain – which is to get deeper into our spirit – we can enter into fellowship with the Lord and He can speak. We need to be those who enjoy being in the presence of the Lord.

Come Up ….and Be There

In a later message we saw that God’s intention in bringing us up the mountain is for us to just be there before Him and to be infused with Him. Exodus 24:12 says, “come up to the top of the mountain, and be there”; we see the result of this in Moses in Exodus 34:35 “the skin of Moses’ face shone”. The more Moses was in the Lord’s presence, just being there, the more he received the infusion to the point of where he was just expressing God! This is the key to our being a normal Christian! We just need to those who go up to the mountain and be infused with God and gradually we will begin to express Him.

The Law is a Picture of our God

Another point I enjoyed that crushed my concepts was that the giving of the law to the children of Israel wasn’t for them to try and keep, rather it was the Lord revealing Himself to them. One brother even described the law as a love letter to His people – this really struck me! The ten commandments show us six aspects of our God: He is a jealous God, He is a Holy God, He is a loving God, He is a righteous God, He is a truthful God, and He is a pure God.

This means that we shouldn’t look at the Ten Commandments as “a set of rules to live by” but rather as to a picture of who our Lord is. When the children of Israel received the law their response was “we will do it” – this isn’t what God intended or intends for us today; actually our response to the law should be, “Amen Lord, I love you, I cannot meet Your high standard so I allow You to do it in me!”

Actually, to try and fulfill the law in ourselves and to try and work out our own goodness is something of God’s enemy! This is why the primary function of the law is to bring us to Christ; God’s intention has always been to bring us to Himself!

Serving as a Team

Another highlight was a point that was emphasized by the serving brothers both in the Poland camp and during the “next generation fellowship”, was that we serve as a team when serving with the young people. I was very much encouraged by all the serving ones and helpers with their care, concern, and prayers for all the young people, as opposed to just their own.

I also thank the Lord for the sister who I was serving with in my cluster; He really used her to show me what it is to be dependent on the Lord in our service. I was so encouraged that her immediate response to any concern or potential issue would be to bring it to the Lord in prayer, even thanking Him when things were going well. This week gave me a glimpse of what it is to serve in, for and with the Body!

Sharing by T.O. (UK) from her top enjoyment in the European Young People’s Conference in Poland (2013). Read more testimonies via the Facebook page.

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