Beholding and Reflecting (sharing from the 2013 Poland Camp)

I Was Touched by the Lord Again in the 2013 Poland CampIn this conference [2013 European Young People’s Conference in Poland] I was touched by the Lord again. The Lord once again opened my eyes. I’m so happy to have the opportunity to be together with the saints – enjoying the Lord together – by being on the mountain and being shined on by God!

God has a heart’s desire – He needs us, and He really enjoys us when we come to Him.

I was touched by these two words: BEHOLD and REFLECT. Oh we need to behold to God, spend time with Him, so that we will know Him better through His word, which is His face. If we behold Him and enjoy Him, we can also reflect Him.

His desire is to make us the same as He in life and in nature!!! Oh what a glorious vision!!!

…and now, the same sharing but in Spanish (sister A.P. is from Spain).

En esta conferencia he sido tocado otra vez. El señor me abrio de nuevo los ojos. Doy gracias al señor por pasar el ytiempo junto con todos los santos y disfrutar juntos en la montaña siendo reflejados por Dios.

Dios tiene un deseo, El necesita de nosotros, el disfruta cuando venimos havia el. Me ha tocado estas dos palabras profundamente: MIRAR Y REFLEJAR

Oh debemos mirar al señor, es decir al pasar tiempo junto a el, conociendole a traves de su palabra la cual es su faz. Cuando le disfrutamos y le miramos de esta manera, podemos reflejarle. Su deseo esta en hacernos iguales a El en vida y en naturaleza!! Que vision tan gloriosa!!!

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