Being Consecrated to be an Age Turner and Learning to Pray More #NCT2015

Being Consecrated to be an Age Turner and Learning to Pray More #NCT2015I am truly grateful for the opportunity that the Lord gave me to attend the National College Training 2015 in Champaign, Urbana, USA. Praise the Lord that we can be today’s age turners! At the beginning of the training, the brothers mentioned that this was a landmark event, an event marking a change or a turning point. In the Bible, we see the example of Abraham, who had such landmark experiences. Every time he had a landmark experience, he built an altar. In the New Testament, such landmark events are called consecrations.

I was deeply touched with this matter of being consecrated to be an age turner. Firstly, it is not any of our own doing. It is by the Lord’s mercy that each one of us were chosen before the foundation of the world to be an age turner today. It is the Lord’s mercy that we are born in this age, the final age, to usher in the coming again of our dear Lord Jesus. God chose us, now we need to choose Him.

Being a consecrated one does not depend on our own ability or strength. A phrase that really touched me is that the Lord is not seeking those who are ABLE, but those who are availABLE. Those who want be today’s age turners must be today’s Nazarites, those who voluntarily consecrate themselves to the Lord. This is the only requirement. The Lord does not need those who are strong, He needs those who are willing. In ourselves, we are just terrible failures, but if we are willing to present ourselves to the Lord, the Lord will be the age turner in us. The only requirement is for us to present to Him our willingness.

At this point in the training, I realized “Lord, I am not even willing. I am not even willing to be willing.” The Lord really comforted me through this situation that I need to seek Him through much prayer. I realized I was not willing because I have not seen enough. In the later messages we examples of two age turners, Samuel and Daniel. These two age turners were men of prayer. They learnt to seek God through their prayers. In 1 Sam. 12:23 says “far be it from me that I would sin against Jehovah in ceasing to pray”. This verse really exposed my lack of prayer. Samuel was such a man of prayer that he even considered it a sin not to pray.

Through our study times, I was helped by the brothers in my group that when we hear something, it be from a message or something we read, we need to learn to pray it back to the Lord. The more we do this, the more what we receive becomes imparted in our being. Our seeing comes from prayer. Throughout the training I practiced this, while I am in a message and a brother speaks, I would pray back immediately to the Lord in a simple way.

Throughout the week, I practiced these simple prayers, learning to open to the Lord in my prayer, in my personal time, my free time, before I go to bed or in the meetings. Eventually I realized all the problems I have in my Christian life can be solved through prayer. When fellowshipping with another brother regarding our consecrations to go to the Full Time Training, we both agreed that we are indecisive because we haven’t prayed enough. We needed to pray more. Through our prayers, the Lord will be able to impart a vision to us. The more we pray, the more we see.

Eventually at the end of the training, the Lord revealed Himself to me a little bit more. My thoughts of “Lord, I am not willing” were eventually turned into prayers of “Lord, You know I am not willing. But make me willing. Be the willing One in me. Gain my willingness”. I am really thankful to the Lord that He has heard my prayers. Even through such an experience, I can truly testify that this training was a landmark in my life, an experience that changed my life.

May the Lord gain this generation to bring Him back by gaining prayers of so many young ones today.

Sharing by brother K. H. (South Africa) from his top enjoyment in the 2015 National College Training in the USA. If your heart is bubbling with the good things the Lord has impressed you in this time, send us your testimony by email at

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