Being One with the Lord and Learning to Love Him in a Romantic Way (2013 Poland Camp)

Being One with the Lord and Learning to Love Him in a Romantic Way (2013 Poland Camp)The main title of this year’s conference was: Crucial Aspects Of God’s Economy Portrayed in Exodus – Revelation.

In Exodus God revealed Himself to us in a very special way: He gave Moses the ten commandments. This was just like giving Moses a picture of Himself, telling Moses and His people what kind of God He is and how much He loves them.

In Exodus we can see that there was nothing between God and Moses; this is a very beautiful picture how man and God can be so close and sweet. Moses knew God’s heart, and so when God wants to speak to him or through him, Moses made it possible.

The more we get to know this living Person inside of us, the more we are being infused by Him, and naturally we will love Him more and more each day.

Why Do You Love the Lord?

Have anyone ever asked you: “why do you love the Lord?” As a believer you know you love the Lord but you might have not think through this matter before. For me personally it’s actually a pretty tricky question, because all I can think of is why I love Him but not even one why I shouldn’t. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the most romantic and sweetest person you can ever find.

In John 21:17 Jesus said to Peter to “feed His sheep” as a way of telling the Lord that he loves Him. When you love the Lord, you might start to have the desire to do something for the Lord. But before serving the young ones we should all learn to go and pray to the Lord, so that we may have a clear vision of where to go and be one with the Lord in this unique flow.

However, sometimes we might still find ourselves in a condition that we really don’t know how to go on or in a helpless situation. But please do remember the resurrected Christ has overcome all the things for us and as a member of the corporate one new man we are not alone.

The Lord Needs Nazarites in Europe to Bring Him Back

To bring in the Lord’s second coming, He needs a group of Nazarites who does not love their soul life even onto death but those who stand firmly for the Lord and with the Lord. In the Bible, when God wants to make a big move He always stirs up young people to carry out His economy.

Now the Lord’s move has come to Europe, it is our privilege and job to do the young people’s work in Europe. In other words,

The young people’s work should be done by the young people.

As a young serving one you may be frustrated because you might think it’s your responsibility to make the young ones behave or take care of them, but because of the differences of age between you and your young people might not be that far, “most of the time” they might not listen to you.

But praise the Lord that through serving the young people we can be rebuild and broken so that you can be brought more into Christ. When we have more Christ, we have more life! The only thing we can do for the Lord is to pray for the young people, be with them, supply life to them, and minister Christ to them, just as how the Lord shepherd us and lead us to the fountain of life.

Sharing by Jacob H. (Italy) from his top enjoyment in the European Young People’s Conference in Poland (2013). Read more testimonies via the Facebook page.

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