Being Willing and Absolute to be Age-turners, that is, Overcomers! #NCT2015

Being Willing and Absolute to be Age-turners, that is, Overcomers! #NCT2015My utmost enjoyment from the 2015 National College Training has to do with 2 words: willing and absolute. The Lord needs a recovery of absoluteness to end this age. Our God really hates lukewarmness in His people, because if we were to be lukewarm in the meetings, to the unbelievers and the world, they might see us and think that our God isn’t much… We must be the proper testimony for the Lord: be hot or be cold (hopefully we’ll chooses the former)!

And speaking of choosing, we choose to be an overcomer! On the last day of the training, bro. Minoru shared that the term “age-turner” was actually not found in the Bible, but a term coined later on in the Lord’s recovery; its synonym, however, is found in the Bible and is something on God’s heart. “Age-turners” simply means overcomers.

144.000 overcomers was enough for the Lord in the Bible. We see that, although this seems like a huge number, in the grand scheme of things it’s only a few. We need to choose to be His overcomers NOW! We are at the very end of this age, and we have to be willing and absolute fishers of man, living overcomers, God’s age-turners!

Saints, it’s almost midnight! We must COME to the Lord, then GO and disciple all the nations (Matthew 28:19)! Our campuses are the best fishing ponds – if not now, then when? Until we lose our college student status? Until we finish the full-time training? No we need to be the willing, voluntarily consecrated Nazarites right now.

“Your people will offer themselves willingly / in the day of Your warfare / in the splendor of their consecration; / Your people will be to You / like the dew from the womb of the dawn.” (Psalms 110:3)

Lord, don’t forget our Friday night consecration. May I be one that consecrate my life to You every single day, moment by moment. I want to be one that’s for Your purpose, one that will bring You back. Lord, make us Your age-turners, age-enders!

Enjoy more highlights from the #2015NCT – recorded and posted by via youtube below.

Sharing by bro. W. J. (California, USA), from his topmost enjoyment in the 2015 National College Training in the USA. Did you attend the training and want to share what touched you the most? Send us an email at