Being Willing to be the Young Persons who Turn the Age #NCT2015

Being Willing to be the Young Persons who Turn the Age #NCT2015

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The only qualification a young person needs to be one who turns the age is to be willing. As seen in Psalms 110:3 the young men offered themselves willingly.

I was immpressed with three areas where we must be willing.

First, we must be willing to have a set time each day to just be in the Lord’s presence; we need to be willing to have your vessel emptied and filled, and emptied and filled again and again so that His life propagates inĀ our being.

Second, we need training in our mind from being educated, so that we can study the truth and be constituted with it so we can speak it.

Finally, we have to be willing to speak. Speak the truth to anyone or anything, like our classmate, our spiritual companion(s), our dog, our cat, our shoes, etc.

As Isaiah 55:11 says His word will not return to Him void.

Sharing by bro. J. S. (Texas, USA), from his top enjoyment in the 2015 National College Training in the USA. If you were there and wish to share your testimony of what touched you the most, email us at

Further enjoyment from this time – see the highlights videos below, found at


One thought on “Being Willing to be the Young Persons who Turn the Age #NCT2015

  1. we need to have a vision and know the age in which we live now. we also need to embrace God’s need as our need. Our God really want to end this age and to bring in another. In order for Him to accomplish this He need young people who are Nazarites, who are willing to offer themselves to be used as a dispensational instrument to turn the age.

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