Christ as our centre (MUST)

One of the things I really enjoyed from the Monthly University Training was that we shouldn’t be concerned with asking for more patience, more love or more goodness, rather we should simply want more Christ. As Christians, the central aspect of our faith is Christ. He death and resurrection paid the price for our sin and because of Him our spirit can now be mingled with the Spirit. With this knowledge, we must make sure to bring everything back to Him.

In our humanity, we have a tendency to overcomplicate and overelaborate things. In Christianity we have customised our faith so much that, at times, it is unrecognisable from worldly living. Often our prayers and wishes are full of vanity. So often our Christian living is worldly. Christ isn’t at the centre of our prayers or our living and this is a huge shame because many of us can testify that it is marvellous when you live in spirit. What MUST taught me was that when I wake up, I must just take it back to basics. At it’s simplest core, my faith is all about Christ, therefore when I wake up the first thing I should consider is how much Christ I have.

I tried it for a week and it was a great experience. I fell asleep thinking about Christ and woke up thinking about Christ. With Christ on my mind, I was led to pray about other things concerning His church. I prayed for the saints, I prayed for the ministry, I prayed for the conferences and trainings. I didn’t need to make a list and force myself to do so, rather by making Christ my centre I was organically led to do so and it felt so sweet and natural. My living was more enjoyable and my days were virtually stress free. Seeking more Christ is the way.

Another thing that touched me was a suggestion from Brother Newman that when you can’t sleep, you should start reciting the kernel of the Bible from Genesis. Last night I couldn’t sleep and so I decided to give it a try instead of watching movies like I usually do. By Genesis 5 I was fast asleep and when I woke up, I was ready to go onto Genesis 6. What an enjoyable way to fall asleep.

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