Christ is Moving in Europe today (testimony from the Bible distribution)

Christ is Moving in Europe today (testimony from the Bible distribution)

Christ Is Moving In Europe” is something many young people of my age have been told. I was told this and I acknowledged it, but throughout the 4 years of my living in the UK, I never saw this as a reality until this week.

Christ is the Head – we are the Body

For the past few days, I have been staying at Bower House. I was serving on Audio and Video, but at the end of the week, I decided to take a break and since it was Saturday, the trainees were watching a recorded video of Witness Lee. The video was on the life-study of Ephesians.

What touched me the most was how he described the world situation today. The whole world is like a collapsed building, a big heap. You have Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings and Queens, etc – these ones are just at the top of this heap, and this collapsed building. However, when you are one with Christ, you share His Headship. When you have Christ, you are more than President a Prime Ministers or a King. It is not that you are the Head – Christ is THE Head. But you are the Body, which is attached to the Head and shares the headship.

Testimony from the Bible Distribution

O brothers and sisters, after hearing this I really felt – in a humble way – above all human government and power! I just felt that there was a stream of living water that was urging to be set free to flow into all who are part of this collapsed building. Christ just gives you a love for all men to be saved. Immediately I asked a leading brother if I could take part in the Bible distribution. He said it was fine and I managed to hop on a mini bus to the “Mall” (near London Bridge).

As you would have expected, there were people everywhere walking past the table. Many people came up to receive their Free Bible, but what shocked me was what the brothers had to say. Multiple brothers testified that these people were not as open as in the previous times! If people could be more open then what I saw that day, that would have been surely Christ working. There were a few times when I was able to preach the gospel but just having the table and saints there was a testimony.

One Indian person approached me, and we engaged into a conversation. One of his first questions was the usual “What church are you from”. I tend to always struggle with this question so I said the usual, “We are volunteers from Amana Trust and in fact, most of us are from different places in the world!” However this person was hoping I would say which denomination I was from, and so I answered in a different way, I don’t know why I did but I just said “…and I just love the Lord Jesus!” After this you could just see in his eyes that he saw something different in the saints. He didn’t know what else to say apart from “so where are you from?” (what Country). This was to me, Christ planting a seed right before my eyes.

Christ is Moving in Europe today!

The next day I was at the Lord’s Table Meeting. This gave many people an opportunity to share their experiences that week. In that Lord’s Table meeting, I can say from the depths of my heart that the Lord Jesus was present. Many stood up, nearly in tears before they could even start sharing. One brother shared how he just looked at the people around him at the tube station, and inside he just wanted to cry.

Many American saints shared how they had felt that coming to UK was too expensive, however once they started distributing Bibles and saw how open the people in UK were they just wanted to stay here forever to distribute Free Bibles until the Lord returns! Another American brother first pitied all the ones living in the UK because everything is small, (e.g the houses and living accommodation) but at the end of his prophecy which was said with tears he came to the conclusion that he now felt envy, because of how open these ones were and how the Lord is really working in Europe.

All this open my eyes: Christ is working in Europe right before our eyes. Brothers and sisters I now can’t stress enough that you need to wake up! Especially the young people in the UK, we need to rise up! We have been sleeping for too long. A brother shared that we are running a race. We are at the end of this race. Do you lie down before the finish line? Do you rest just before the end? No. You keep going! The crowd is cheering from heaven! How old you are does not matter. In fact this is the part where you sprint! It is here that everything is seven-fold intensified.

I tell you that I saw Christ’s move intensified that evening. The world is becoming more corrupt. The spirit of lawlessness is being seen more frequently. But Christ’s response is His intensified move, expression, love and church! Look at the weather today. A farmer will go out into the fields. He will stand with his crops and feel the air. He will be observant of his surroundings. He will feel his fruit. What is the weather today? Is it not clear enough for us to understand that we are in the end times? Christ by all His mercy is showing us His move.

My prayer is that we would not be the ones who let it go before our eyes, without even seeing it. After this week, I can say from my heart that Christ Is Moving In Europe.

[sharing by brother D. Healy from his impressions when participating at the recent Bible Distribution during the 2012 London Olympic Games]

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  1. I can confirm this sharing, especially the feeling that once we got to London and started to hand out Bibles and saw how open the people were, I just wanted to stay until the Lord returns. And that has been my prayer since I returned to Canada. Lord, Open the way for us to return. I thought it would be in two years but one day after praying with a sister about the Lord’s move to Europe, I was considering the rest of the year and thought to myself, Let’s see now, September, October, November, December, four months left and right away the verse in John 4:35 came to me, “Do you not say that there are yet four months and then the harvest comes? Behold, I tell you, Lift up your eyes and look on the fields, for they are already white for harvest.” I also echo the words that we need to wake up and rise up. It is not how we start the race but how we finish it that counts. O Lord, may we finish it well. I was also touched by Brother Newman’s sharing about how in the prophesy of the kingdom in Matthew 24 and 25, concerning Israel, the church and the nations, that the days of Noah are in the prophesy concerning the church. “For just as the days of Noah were, so will the coming of the Son of Man be. For as they were in those days before the flood, eating, drinking, marrying, and giving in marriage, until the day in which Noah entered the ark, and they did not know that judgment was coming until the flood came and took all away, so also wil the coming of the Son of Man be” (Matt. 24:37-39). He prayed that we would not become senseless Christians towards the Lord’s coming. May the Lord brood over our hearts and may our prayer be, “Lord, what is our thought concerning my part in Your ultimate move?”

  2. Well done! Finally! brothers and sisters! We are now in the bottom part! Jesus Christ is coming! Our Lord!, HALLELUJAH. .from Church in Oroquieta, Philippines. Praise The Lord! Jesus is coming!

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