Christian Students in London – 2013 School Year Celebration Meeting Overflow!

Christian Students in London - 2013 School Year Celebration Meeting Overflow!The All London Student Celebration Meeting is not a prophesying meeting or even one where you learn many new things. Rather it’s a unique meeting where all the students can share their top enjoyment from the semester.

As usual, there was a barbecue although, surprisingly, the buns ran out while there was an abundance of meat. After this, the saints gathered together to listen to the students’ enjoyment. Here’s a short collection of some of the sharing:

Before you do anything you should call on the name of The Lord. Every morning, a brother would call us and we would have morning revival. This was what I enjoyed most. [D.]

This semester, I have enjoyed calling on the name of the Lord and having Morning Revival with the sisters in the sisters’ house. It’s been such a wonderful time to pursue together and be encouraged with others. [M. J.]

It’s just good to see that the right companionship keeps you on the right path. I’ve really enjoyed doing Let the Word with the saints and reading the Bible because it’s not just reading; it’s breathing the Word. I’ve been in the church life since I was seven but I’ve never read the Old Testament. Doing Let the Word with the saints, I am now reading the Old Testament and also understanding it. The saints encourage me day by day to read the Word. [K. E.]

I’ve enjoyed that it’s important to know our place in the church. Often we just think that we’re young and we’re students and so can’t do much but in 1 Timothy 4:12 it says: “Let no one despise your youth, but be a pattern to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.” Even though we’re young, we can be useful for the Lord. [D. T.]

I had the privilege of going with the brothers to meet some new Bible contacts. This is something I haven’t done in my 2 years at university and it was a very enjoyable experience. [D. K.]

I have really enjoyed our Bible studies on campus. We’ve had a lot of new ones and they always ask questions that we don’t necessarily know the answers to but it’s just so enjoyable to be with the saints. [A. W.]

Question: as a conclusion to the 2012-2013 University year, what did YOU enjoy the most in your Christian life? What touched you the most? Leave a comment with your top enjoyment 🙂

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  1. Wow! It’s Cool and fresh to hear of the sharing on “Reading the Bible” Reading it is not just reading, but breathing!!! ^^ Hallelujah~ ~~ ~~
    To read Bible isn’t a work or labor, but an enjoyment, enjoyment to breathe in, breathe the God in!!
    Hallelujah~~ ~’

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