Christian Students in London – Overflow of Enjoyment in Fall 2012 (1)

Christian Students in London – Overflow of Enjoyment in Fall 2012 (1)

We recently had an end-of-term celebration meeting with the Christian Students in London, UK, and there were many sweet testimonies from the students from what they enjoyed the most this past semester. In the fall semester of 2012 there was much enjoyment of Christ on the campuses, in the homes, in the conferences, both personally and corporately! Here’s the first set of short-but-sweet sharing by different students:

  • This semester I really enjoyed the matter of having morning revival! I just enjoyed the Lord during this time. Revived every day. For us to build up the church we need to be revived every morning and renewed every day. Daniel 11:32 says that those who know their God will show strength and take action!
  • I enjoyed to be in the sisters house and seeing the students taking action in preaching the gospel, taking care of the students meetings, and caring for the new ones.
  • This semester the Lord has been operating in us, and we are happy to be in the Lord’s move here in London. It is good to be at the front line of what the Lord is doing. I was so happy to see a new one coming in and I am happy I helped taking care of him!
  • By being here in the coordination with the students we come together to be filled with the Triune God, so that we may feed others. It is encouraging to ask one another about the new ones, how are they doing, and we are built up together. I’m thankful to be part of the building.
  • I enjoyed labouring with the students not a tools but as vessels to contain life and overflow with life. Seeing this saved me from being burned out. Before we do anything we come together to pray and enjoy the Lord!
  • This semester I enjoyed talking to the Lord – it wasn’t a real experience to me until this semester when, through a lot of struggles, I had a lot of conversations with the Lord and I got to know the Lord in a personal way. And it is so encouraging that my room mate got saved and vitalized, being taken care of the other saints!
  • In these past few months I enjoyed being built with other Christian students on the campus.
  • The home meetings are so wonderful – 4-5 new ones coming every Thursday night, and they enjoy the Lord and the ministry. This is the first time I took part of the meeting and we took care of the new ones. It is spontaneous and sweet! I treasure the time being in the Word and with the saints. It is good to go to blend and coordinate with other students!
  • Having Bible studies with the students is such a saving grace! It is so good to have a few hours in the week to enjoy the lord with the other students. I especially enjoyed that we need to go to the Lord and ask the Lord about everything – talk to Him. My daily salvation was getting into His Word and opening up to the Lord with the other Christian students.
  • If we do not obey His gentle speaking and bothering, we can’t serve the Lord.
  • I enjoyed being with the saints: most of my weekends I was with the saints. Also, living with the Lord and knowing Him day by day. The Lord is there and we can turn to Him! Lord, I need to be get through the Bible. Lord, I want to see You in the Word!

[this is the first part of some of the sharing of the Christian Students in London, as an overflow of their enjoyment in the fall semester 2012. Picture credit: Christian Students in London, here.]

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