Every Member of the Body is Needed in the Church (2013 Winter School of Truth)

Every member of the Body is needed in the church! Sharing by A.H. from her top enjoyment in the 2013 Winter School of Truth in London, UKThis year’s Winter School of Truth in London was really enjoyable, and the topic was, The Vision and Building up of the Church. I really enjoyed that God’s dream is to have a house, and God’s house is the church. In the church we are one!

From Brother Emmanuel’s sharing I learned that every member of the Body is needed. Everyone needs to contribute to the building up of the Body of Christ. One example was when we went out on the speak the gospel to people. I used to think to myself:

I cant talk to people about the gospel, I will just let the other brothers and sisters do it, they do it so much better than me!

but this is not the right attitude to have! I went with a few other sisters to this man and his daughter, and I was a little worried in case they would just like walk away or turn their back to us, but they were actually really open to hear the gospel! It really touched me to see that and think about how many million more opportunities I have to tell people about the word of God, because everywhere around us there are thirsty people, seeking God.

This experience was really refreshing for me and it gave me a lot more confidence to speak out more.

Also, what I realised during the winter school is that the church is just the church! My friends always ask: “What church do you go to?”  – this is such a common question. But really, it shouldn’t even be a question! In the beginning was the church, and ONLY the church. But today, you see all these different denominations that are dividing us all and separating us from our God and from one another.

This is because man has become so fallen. People today think its normal to have many different churches, and that its abnormal to have just one. This is wrong! Saints, there is only one church, and we do not GO to church, because we ARE the church. Hallelujah for the church!

Sharing from the 2013-2014 Winter School of Truth in London  by sister A.H. (Ireland), with the general topic of, “The Church – the Vision and the Building up of the Church”.

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