Exercising our Spirit and Dealing with our Conscience #2016SpringUniCon

1 Tim. 4:7 But the profane and old-womanish myths refuse, and exercise yourself unto godliness.Praise the Lord for this conference and how He revealed to us the significance of the exercise of our spirit! I was reminded of how important the human spirit is. We are created as living vessels to contain God so that He can be expressed in us. This is only possible because God has given us a human spirit to contact Him.

I was impressed by 1 Timothy 4:7, which says,

But the profane and old-womanish myths refuse, and exercise yourself unto godliness.

Oh how we need to exercise ourselves unto godliness, it is the only way for God to be manifested in us! The Lord went through the process so that He can be mingled with us as one; we need to turn to our spirit and be joined with Him!

In order for us to exercise our spirit properly we need to deal with our conscience. Praise the Lord for His blood which cleanses us of our offenses, but we also need to see that our conscience has to be purified from any mixture, too, so that God can flow more into us and spread through our entire being.

We need to ask the Lord through prayer to remove our needs, feelings, circumstances and any other impurities so that the Lord can flow freely without any restrictions in us.

I appreciated the brother’s explanation of “exercise”. To exercise is to bring something into play, it involves regular and repeated use, and to develop it until it becomes a habit. It also comes with a price and a lot of times we need to force ourselves to exercise.

We need to see God as our only focus and goal and have a change in our way of living; we need to be aggressive and active in exercising our spirit! Hallelujah we do not have a spirit of cowardice; we have a spirit of power, love, and sobermindedness!

Sharing from the 2016 Uni Conference in Wales by Josh P. (Cambridge, UK) from his top enjoyment. If you attended this conference, why not share something of what you enjoyed in this time by emailing us at enjoyingthelord@gmail.com.