Experiencing Christ in our mingled spirit (testimony)

experiencing Christ in our mingled spirit (testimony)I would like to take this opportunity to share with you my top portion of the Lord over the past year for the nourishment and edification of the members of the Body unto the building up of itself. Even when I was considering this matter before the Lord, I knew that I had experienced and enjoyed the Lord during the academic year but I just couldn’t pin down what my top portion was. Eventually it dawned on me that it was altogether my mingled spirit.

During the Christmas vacation 2011 I had some essays and reports to submit for the new year. On one particular day, as I was working on my reports in the library I became really tired so I decided to take a quick break and continue later. Luckily enough I lived on campus so I went to my room and lay on my bed for a few minutes. As I was lying down I had the sense that I should pick up my guitar and sing some hymns. So I rose up, picked up my guitar, looked up a hymn in the young people’s songbook and just began singing countless hymns to the Lord. It was such a real and intimate experience. The more I sang, the more I was brought into the presence of God and my tiredness was gradually being terminated and replaced with life.

How wonderful it is that the God of the universe who became a man, lived a perfect human life for thirty-three and a half years, died on the cross to accomplish redemption for man and resurrected now indwells us. We can take this Christ with us to our lectures, our journeys etc. All it takes is a little turn. May we all have many experiences of the Lord in our spirit!

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  1. praise the Lord for this living Person in us! He just wants us to turn to Him and spend time with Him. I enjoyed this testimony – He's longing and yearning; He's hoping and waiting; He's ever desiring for you – to turn to Him!

    • Yes, He's as near as our open mouth and in our heart as well, just waiting for us to open our mouth and mixing the Word with faith, call on His Name and eat and be filled with Him!

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