Flowing out (Message 7, Poland Conference)

In this year’s Young People’s conference in Poland, I really enjoyed the matter of Drinking.

When I first heard about the so called ‘science of drinking’, I was a bit annoyed. I was on a break from school so that I could do other things, not more science! However, I realised that it is actually very simple. All we have to do it call on his name. Oh Lord Jesus! As long as we are positioned to drink, recognise how thirsty we are, ask the Lord for water as our only source, he will quench our thirst!

However, we cannot just do this once and expect it to quench our thirst forever. Just like water evaporates from the ground after rainfall, if we do not keep drinking, our waters will dry up. Therefore, we need to keep drinking! Day by day we need to call on his name. We also have to flow water out in order to drink more. If we do not flow, we cannot drink! There are so many ways to flow out to others such as confessing, thanking the Lord, praising the Lord, calling on the Lord and singing to the Lord. However, the two most important ways are preaching the gospel and functioning in the church meetings! All of us in the conference had the opportunity to share at the end of every message and exercise functioning in the church meetings!

“I enjoyed that regardless of who you are, your age, where you come from, what you flow out to others can really affect their christian life!”

Lord, we want to be those who thirst for you day by day! Thank you that the science of drinking is so simple! Lord, we want to flow you out to others. Speak through us that others may know you!

[sharing by brother John L. of his enjoyment from message 7 of the Poland Conference 2012]

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