Having a Fresh Consecration and an Affectionate Love for the Lord

We need to have a personal, intimate and affectionate relationship with the Lord.There needs to be a development of consecration in our being. Every normal believer has a consecration that is always developing. However there are times we get stuck at a certain development of our consecration and cannot move deeper and further.

Consecration is an inward reality of a person living the reality by the inner light. We must walk on the path of consecration our entire life. Though the outward situation may change but inwardly we stay on this path of consecration.

Therefore, our consecration needs to be fresh. To keep it fresh means we need to consecrate again and again.

However, there will be situations that come when we will consecrate to the Lord in a deeper sense. In those times the light will shine on our defects and lack of our being able to work it out. Only then can the Lord progress in us in a deeper way.

We need to have a personal, intimate and affectionate relationship with the Lord. As the brother Dennis Higashi shared, often time the sisters love the Lord more than the brothers do. Often times the brothers are just like Peter and John who race to the tomb and after seeing the tomb is empty and the Lord has resurrected, they just went home.

However, Mary was not content, and she asked, where is He? When the Lord Jesus appeared to Mary, she thought He was a gardener, and she said to Him “if you find Him, I will take Him away. ” This was a call of a seeker.

But when the Lord just called her name, she instantly recognized the Lord. The Lord came to Mary before ascending to the Father. The Lord was forced to come and see Mary because He was scared that she would go crazy without seeing the Lord.┬áThe Lord was forced to change his plan to accommodate Mary’s loving heart.

I was just so exposed by this, as many times I acknowledge the truth and impressed by the truths like Peter. But I was only satisfied with the facts. Where was my affection for the Lord. In order for us to see the Lord we need to have an affectionate love for the Lord.

Sharing by brother D. T. from his enjoyment in the full time training.

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