Getting to Know God by Loving Him and Being Infused with Him (2013 Poland Camp)

Getting to Know God by Loving Him and Being Infused with Him (2013 Poland Camp)Hallelujah for another Poland Young People Conference! The atmosphere in the conference was really high and there were more young people than ever before! What a blessing!

The main title of the conference was: Crucial Aspects Of God’s Economy Portrayed in Exodus – Revelation. In particular I enjoyed message nine entitled, God’s Desire and Intention to Infuse His People with Himself.

We all know that God gave Moses the ten commandments. And in bringing the children of Israel to the mountain of God, it was not God’s intention to make them keep the commandments and obey them – no, God’s intention with the ten commandments actually was to let the Israelites know who He is, so that He could infuse Himself into them.

However, the children of Israel said: “All that Jehovah has spoken we will do.”‘ This was not God’s original intention and because of this, God changed His attitude towards the Israelites. The atmosphere became dreadful and terrifying, because they didn’t know themselves nor they knew God. Moses was the only one that knew God’s heart and therefore knew God’s intention.

We also should get to know God. We shouldn’t do anything by ourselves, we should not have these “good intentions” when we read the Bible and come to a point where the Bible tells us to do something and we tell the Lord: “Alright Lord, I’ll do this.” No, instead, we should tell the Lord:

Lord Jesus, I Love You. I love you with all my heart, but Lord, I am not able to fulfill this requirement You are demanding me in Your Word. I can’t, Lord.

The Lord doesn’t want us to do things for Him, rather He just wants us to love Him. If we would fellowship with the Lord in this way, the Lord will be able to infuse Himself into us. This is the highest profession on earth!

We need to spend time being infused with God so that we may shine forth God! Hallelujah! It’s not about doing something for Him, but to have Him transfused into our being! What a rich message this was!

Lord I love You, but I can’t do this! Infuse yourself with me so that I may grow in You in order to shine forth You! Lord, often we have to confess that we don’t know You well enough. Lord, show us Who You are, in order that we may trust You fully so that we will give our lives to You! Amen!

Sharing by Reyno N. from his top enjoyment in the European Young People’s Conference in Poland (2013). Read more testimonies via the Facebook page.