Give Yourself for the Building of the Church (Winter School 2013)

Give Yourself for the Building of the Church - sharing from the Winter School of Truth in Holland, 2013-2014I really enjoyed this past Winter School of Truth (in Holland) about, The Church, The Vision and the Building Up of the Church. Before the conference I knew that we as believers are the church, but I never realised how precious the church is in God’s eyes. The brother who gave the message said that the Lord talks about the church the way a man talks about his fiancé. It was very good to be refreshed and to gain more understanding about the God’s counterpart, His Bride!

I enjoyed that the church needs to be built by us, the believers. But how can we build up the church? The Bible tells us that when we prophesy we build up the church. When we prophesy we share what we have enjoyed of Christ and in this way life, which is God Himself, is flowing out of us. Our enjoyment is for the enjoyment of Christ and of the saints. Therefore it is very important for us to have a personal time with the Lord every day: so we can share our enjoyment of Christ with others! We need each other to be built up.

The church is God’s masterpiece, His counterpart. When a man is engaged to a woman, the man will do anything for his bride-to-be. Likewise, the Lord wants us to fully give ourselves for the church. He has been waiting for ages for His Bride to be ready. The book of Revelation tells us about churches that have failed. But we cannot fail. We need to keep the oneness and pray for the church, attend meetings and speak forth Christ. Even though being in the church life and giving yourself for the church is not easy: it can be very hard sometimes. Still, when we give ourselves and trust the Lord, He will supply our every need. This is a promise the Lord has given us.

I was very touched that the church is worth dying for. When I look at myself I know I am not able to be fully for the church, to build up the church. But, praise the Lord! The life that we have received is able and is up to the standard! God has fully equipped us to run the race. All we need to do is keep turning to this life in us and be willing to let God work in and through us!

Sharing from the 2013-2014 Winter School of Truth in Holland by sister L.N. (Holland), with the general topic of, “The Church – the Vision and the Building up of the Church”.

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