Go to the Lord and Pray! Contact Him in Everything!

Go to the Lord and Pray! Contact Him in Everything!When we gather together with the other Christian Students on campus in conferences and Bible study groups we see so much more of what the Lord Jesus is to us and what His heart’s desire is! Below are some snippets and bits of enjoyment from some students who attended the fall 2012 College Conference in Bower House.

“Go to the Lord and pray!” – N.L., London/ C.K.W., Norwich

“Pray! Go to Him and pray! Contact Him in everything!” – J.K.,¬†Dusseldorf, Germany

“I am really encouraged by the saints’ testimonies of the Lord’s move in campuses throughout the UK. Without being revived by the Lord, this work will be a great burden to us. I just want to be open to the Lord, telling Him ‘O Lord revive me. I give myself to You, do grow in me, make me Your living testimony, living stone fit for Your building.” – J.T., Nottingham

“We need to go to the Lord and pray – speak to Him and tell Him we can’t, but He can! Then the veils will be taken away and we will behold the Lord face to face (2 Cor. 3:18)” – K.E., Norwich

“Talk to the Lord in every situation, every sentence, and every thought! Go to the Lord and pray!” – A.R., New Zealand

“Our wonderful Christ is everything we need to grow, mature and be brought into glory. It makes me so happy that some verses in the Bible speak about our being worked on and transformed in a past tense (already done) or in a guaranteed way (will be/do). All that is required is for us to open to the Lord and to cooperate with Him. He needs our cooperation!” – K.H., Hatfield

“Going to the Lord and praying to Him.” – J.C., Galway, Ireland

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