God Infuses Himself into Us Through His Love and His Word (Poland Camp 2013)

God Infuses Himself into Us Through His Love and His Word (Poland Camp 2013)I really enjoyed from the conference in general – it was really awesome to be with saints from 26 different countries praising the Lord! That was really special and sweet.

And also the verses were really awesome and I think this is the first time that Susan and I memorized the most verses along with most of young people from Irvine, CA, USA. We memorized more verses than we ever have in our life! It was actually really great because it enhanced all the messages. It was also really helpful to do it with a partner. So I really encourage you to memorize the verses the next conference you got to.

From the actual conference, I think the thing that I enjoyed the most is that we don’t have a religion but we have a Person, and it was really sweet that the brothers explained the the focal point of the book of Exodus is not that God gave the 10 commandments but rather that God wants to reveal Himself through them. He wants to show us God’s economy though these ten commandments in the book of Exodus.

Another thing I really enjoyed is how does He reveal Himself and how does He infuses Himself into us. He has a certain way and atmosphere. He does it through His love and He does it through the Word and the Spirit. So I really enjoyed that He just really wants us to know what type of God He is. The law a person gives reveals what type of person they are. So the ten commandments show and express who our God is.

The ten commandments show us that God is a jealous God. He’s a loving God, a holy God, He is righteous, He’s all of these things, and it was really awesome how the brother kept speaking and showing us that He wants us to be this person. Most of the times we have the response of “I can do that” or “I really can’t do that”. But it shouldn’t be either of the responses, it should be,

Lord I can never do this without You; I open to You, fill me with Yourself, infuse me with Yourself!

I really appreciate this because often times we think the Christian life is impossible – and it is, it’s impossible! – but it is really effortless with the Lord and when we realize we can take Him as our person! And when we come to Him in the Word He shows us that He can be the life in our Christian life. So it was really enjoyable being in the conference. Amen!

Sharing from the 2013 Poland Camp by sister J, a serving one from CA, USA.