God is Looking for a Group of Overcomers who End this age and Bring Him Back #NCT2015

God is Looking for a Group of Overcomers who End this age and Bring Him Back #NCT2015The National College Training last week was a landmark event in church history and in the lives of many young believers. Never before has such a large group of college students been gathered under such a particular speaking with a view to usher in the final age-turning move of God. We were all impressed that the Lord is ready to return, and all the signs point to His imminent return, but He is just waiting for a group of people to be the dispensational instrument to end this age and bring Him back.

In previous ages, God gained certain individuals to be age turners – Noah, Moses, Samuel, Daniel, John the Baptist, Peter, and Paul. But at this point in the divine history, God is not looking for an individual, but a corporate group of living overcomers to bring in the age of the kingdom. It is our distinct privilege to be alive at this point in history with the opportunity to usher in this final dispensational move of God.

I was impressed that what is required of these living overcomers is simply to make the choice to be fully and absolutely consecrated to Him. I cannot be an overcomer by my own strength, but I can choose to give myself to the Lord and ask Him to make me an overcomer! This is true consecration – to hand yourself completely over to God.

Near the conclusion of the training, the atmosphere of consecration was palpable. Virtually every one of the 1300+ students in attendance gave themselves and their futures unreservedly to the Lord. Only the Lord knows how the lives of these consecrated young people will work out over the coming years and how He will use these consecrations for His final dispensational move, but I just had a sense that He will no longer have to wait for another generation. Lord, this is the generation that seeks Your face!

Sharing by bro. Leon D. from his top enjoyment in the 2015 National College Training in the USA. If you were there, you can also share what touched you in this time – email us at enjoyingthelord@gmail.com.