God needs Open and Willing Defeated Ones Praying what’s in His Heart #NCT2015

God needs Open and Willing Defeated Ones Praying what's in His Heart #NCT2015This year’s national training in Champagne, Illinois, will eternally be remembered as a landmark as the young saints willingly consecrated themselves to live for God! Saints, we need to wake up! We need to wake up from living according to this stupefying age! Our purpose for living is not for ourselves but for the purpose of cooperating with God to end this age of grace and to usher in the new age of the kingdom!

This training awoke many of us to let go of the self and be filled with everything in Christ. We are nothing and we cannot be absolute for the Lord but our almighty and reachable Christ is everything and is absolute One.

The Lord wants to come back! But He needs readily, available, open, and willing defeated individuals who will pray according to what is in His heart and in His will to usher in the new age! He needs us to call on His name! To listen! Pray read His living nourishing word not just with our designated time with Him but also with the Body! He needs us to pray for His return!

Sharing by sister A. O. (California, USA), from the 2015 National College Training.

Praise the Lord for the college training! I really enjoyed the matter of prayer this week. Prayer is simply the echoing of God’s will back to Him, but this is what enables God to move and accomplish His will. This is why the prayer meeting is one of the most important meetings. It is here that God has the free way to move through His people’s prayers.

Prayer is also one of two ways the church as the woman in Revelation travails. Through prayer and shepherding , the man child is born. The past weeks of the saints’ travailing in prayer was so evident during the glorious atmosphere of the NCT. Hallelujah through prayer we can be the ones to change the age!

Sharing by sister J. M. (USA) from her top enjoyment at the 2015 National College Training. Source: here. What did you enjoy at the 2015NCT? Send us an email at enjoyingthelord@gmail.com.

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