God Needs Young People to Offer Themselves Willingly to Him NCT2015

God Needs Young People to Offer Themselves Willingly to Him NCT2015

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Praise the Lord, God has a need. God needs the overcomers! God needs us! A brother from Bibles for America shared and I appreciated the questions he presented to us. He said, “Are you satisfied with this age? Are you satisfied with the injustice in the world? Then why not end it?”

Psalms 110:3- Your people will offer themselves willingly / In the day of Your warfare…

God needs young people to offer themselves willingly to Him. I appreciated that this choice is simple. It starts by spending time in the morning with the Lord. When we come to the Lord in the morning, we need to remember that we are coming to a Person! We come to the Lord to appear before Him, behold Him, breathe Him in, and absorb Him.

My favorite way to spend this time is to pray-read His word. During the National College Training, I was shown how to properly pray-read and I have been enjoying it ever since! We are so blessed to have the Word and better yet, to know how to eat it by praying it back to the Father. Sometimes it takes me thirty minutes to pray-read just one verse, but that’s okay! The Word is for chewing!

The more time you spend with the Lord, the more He reveals His heart to you, and you cannot help but fall in love Him. Eventually, throughout our day, it becomes so easy to choose Him because you are in love and enjoy this precious One! I am so thankful for all the helpful tools the Lord has presented to us through the brothers to be an age-turner, and even an age-ender.

The second part of Psalms 110:3 says “In the splendor of their consecration.” The more we consecrate ourselves to the Lord, the more He is able use us. We should consecrate ourselves every hour! This is a salvation to us.

Brother Minoru shared that we need to consecrate the rest of our college years, the Full-Time Training, and the rest of our lives to the Lord. The more we do this, the more He is able to take full possession of our entire being.

Lord, I give myself to You again and again. Remind me I am not my own. I am Yours, Lord. I give You all that I have and am. I offer myself willingly to You for Your purpose to end this age. There is nothing and no one I’d rather give my entire being to. I give the FTTA and my entire life to You. I can testify, I have seen Your preciousness and I can’t help but give myself to You. I give You even my future, Lord. You are my future. I am even willing to give up my identity that I have built up for myself these past 23 years in order to be mingled and saturated with Christ, as well as to be built up with the saints. I love You and Your Body. I give myself, my life, and my future fully to You. Have Your way. I love You, Lord!

Sharing by sister Emily C. from her top enjoyment in the 2015 National College Training in the USA. Praise the Lord! If you attended this training and would like to share your experience, email us at enjoyingthelord@gmail.com.