God Uses Young People to Turn an Age and the Body to Travail for Them #NCT2015

God Uses Young People to Turn an Age and the Body to Travail for Them #NCT2015The National College Training was a life changing event. If you never had the sensation that you were called before or if you were not sure what you were called for, the National College Training was the place to be. I’m sure everyone who was there, including myself, had the registration that God was calling this generation to be the generation to bring the Him back.

I was certainly refreshed in my realization that this is why I was born and born again; this is why I am in the church life; thus is why I am living on the earth; this is the meaning of my human life; this is why I get up in the morning; this us why I go to school. I have never heard such a clear and awesome calling from the Lord to be the generation that turns the age and brings the Lord back. I’m sure everyone was inspired to give themselves to the Lord to be an age-turner.

I was also touched that this is not a movement and that it is one thing to respond to the call by giving yourself to the Lord to be an age-turner and another thing to go through the process of becoming an age-turner, as we saw with Moses. The people of Israel cried out to God after almost 400 years in bondage and God looked upon them and God heard their cry, and God took notice of them.

But God did not have an age-turner to send to them. God and His people had to wait another period of 80 years before Moses was prepared and sent to them by the Lord. The situation is the same today. God has been waiting almost 2000 years for a generation who know their God and to show strength and take action.

God always uses young people to turn an age but He also needs the rest of the Body to travail for them as part of the universal woman in Revelation 12 who was travailing to bring forth the man-child. We travail by praying (Gal. 4:19) and we travail by shepherding (Col. 1:29). Real shepherding is a travailing.

For the college students it was also a very practical time concerning how to become an age-turner, including building up their personal time with the Lord in the morning, being filled inwardly with the Spirit as the breath for life and being filled outwardly with the Spirit as the wind for work by prayer, being constituted with the Word, having companions, the same age, younger and older and keeping our consecration fresh.

Brother Minoru Chen said the Full Time Training is a must for anyone who wants to be an age-turner. Another brother shared that the FTT is not so much a matter of the Lord’s leading but of our offering. The Nazarite vow is a free will offering to meet the Lord’s need. Finally a group of brothers shared the burden for Europe and charged the students to learn another language. It was a privilege to be present for such a landmark event and the speaking brothers really poured out their whole being on the young people.

On Friday night after hundreds of students stood up to consecrate themselves and their generation to the Lord, twelve brothers stood up to pray for them. They asked those who were standing to stay standing while they prayed for them. However when the brothers started to pray for them the whole auditorium was on their feet and there was a real atmosphere of consecrating a generation to the Lord.

They need much prayer to maintain their Nazarite vow, to gain companions, to spend quality time with the Lord, to attend the meetings of the church, especially the prayer meeting, to be connected with a home, to pray for their friends and to speak to them etc. That is why the Lord needs two generations to bring Him back and close the age with the last and greatest revival. And our prayer is, Come Lord Jesus! Lord Jesus, Come.

Enjoy some testimonies from the students who were at the College Training – filmed and posted at ageturners.com.

Sharing by sis. R. S. who attended the 2015 National College Training in the USA (as a helper). If you attended the training and wish to share your testimony, email it to us at enjoyingthelord@gmail.com.