God’s Full Salvation – Purpose, Tragedy, Dilemma and Solution (WSOT)

God’s Full Salvation - Purpose, Tragedy, Dilemma and Solution (WSOT)

The Winter School of Truth 2011 saw the younger group (age 11-14) learn about God’s Full Salvation. What was particularly enjoyed was that the young people saw that God has a heart’s desire. God has an eternal purpose. For us to understand God’s eternal purpose, we have to understand why He has a purpose. How many of us get lonely? God was lonely, but He had a heart’s desire. God came up with a plan to fulfill His desire.

God created the angels (Job 38) but not in the image or the likeness of God. Then Lucifer (Satan) became jealous and fell due to his pride. So God judged Satan, and we are here to carry out what the outcome of the judgment is. A judge never carries out his own verdict. God’s plan was to have man in His image.

God faced a dilemma after man ate of the wrong tree (Gen 3). The dilemma was that God loved man, however God is also righteous. Love and righteousness were now far away from each other and this caused a dilemma in that God was not able to get inside of man. At that point in time, man was Satan’s captive.

How do we overcome the enemy Satan? 1 John 4:4 showed us that we have Someone greater living in us who can overcome. I really appreciated the example given in relation to this. In a house, the mother has the authority, as she is the feeder. God has a plan, but Christ is the one who carries out the plan by dispensing Himself into His believers (John 10:10). We are in the image of God (Gen 1:26) and therefore we can contain God.

But how do we get God inside of us? The Bible tells us that man is made of three parts (1 Thes 5:23). These three parts are the spirit, the soul and the body. The body is for contacting the physical world and the soul contains the mind, emotion and will. Our spirit is the most important part of man and is for contacting God and containing His life! Without God’s life in us, our human living is meaningless. God had to become the Spirit (1 Cor 15:45b, 2 Cor 3:17) in order to enter into our spirit, just like a glove is made in the shape of a hand. The glove is in the shape of a hand and therefore the hand can fit. Similarly, God had to become the Spirit to enter into man’s spirit.

The two aspects of God’s Full Salvation are the initial saving (Judicial Redemption) and then the life of God being dispensed throughout our lifetime into our being (Organic Salvation). What we have seen is that God had a purpose, however there was a great tragedy when man fell leaving God with a dilemma between His love and His righteousness. But thank the Lord there is a solution!

To receive the Lord Jesus as the Spirit into your spirit, you can pray the following prayer from your heart:

Lord Jesus, I open my whole being to You. Thank you for creating me with a spirit to receive You. Forgive me of my sins and come into me right now to fill the deepest part of my being with Yourself.

Picture source: Taken with permission from the UKYP Facebook page.

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  1. Amen! God has a purpose. Man fell in a tragedy. God now has a dilemma – love vs. righteousness. But there's a solution – the judicial redemption and the organic salvation! Praise the Lord, we sinners can be made sons of God: we are redeemed, regenerated, transformed, conformed, and we are being glorified to be fully Sons of God! Praise the Lord for His Solution!

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