Going Up to the Mountain to Receive God’s Revelation (2013 Poland Camp)

Going Up to the Mountain to Receive God's Revelation (2013 Poland Camp)Praise the Lord for this conference in Poland. It was excellent time, the Lord really shined on everybody who was there at the young people conference this year. Thank you all the saints for your prayers!

The subject of the conference was “The Crucial Aspects of God’s Economy in Exodus (3) – The Revelation”. The number 3 shows that it is the THIRD conference on this subject. Praise the Lord that He opens to us these aspects so deep.

Two years ago the brothers spoke to us about the salvation of God’s people from the slavery and tyranny in Egypt. A year ago we were told about God’s provision – manna and the water from the smitten rock, which the Lord gave to His people.

This year, we come to the mountain of God! We go up the mountain to receive revelation! God gave the LAW! The commandments! Why? The law was given because the Lord wanted His people to know what kind of God He is!

We know that the words which come out of the mouth of God are Spirit and life! When God gave us the law He didn’t want us to be good, He wanted us to receive His words so that God’s element would fill our being and make us the same as He is!

Saints, hallelujah for this glorious, loving God!

Sharing by Daniel S. (Russia) from his top enjoyment in the European Young People’s Conference in Poland (2013). Read more testimonies via the Facebook page.

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