Having a Date with the Lord in the Morning and Pray-Reading His Word NCT2015

Having a Date with the Lord in the Morning and Pray-Reading His Word NCT2015

Photo credit: AgeTurners.com

I’m truly thankful to the Lord for being able to go the 2015 National College Training! The week was full of enjoyment, practical lessons, and sober consecrations. Normally, I feel disappointed coming home from such a high atmosphere, knowing I have to go back to “normal life”. But this week was different. At the close of the training, I was full of peace. I was encouraged when I heard of all the prayers that went on before and during the training. I was encouraged by the speaking we heard during the week, as well as all the practical lessons we learned in the morning sessions.

I was especially encouraged by one of the brother’s word that our generation is for the Lord, and that the Lord has claimed us and we belong to Him. But I was also encouraged because all the other young people were encouraged. The students I was with from my campus were all burning to set into practice and continue in the things we heard. With this, it was much easier to come home and still be burning.

What touched me the most during the training was the morning watch times. In hearing others’ enjoyment, a lot of what they shared was rooted in what we heard during the morning sharing. I enjoyed that our morning time should be considered our “date” with the Lord. If we are late to our morning time, tell Him, “Lord, sorry I’m late.” Or “Lord, I’m sorry I stood You up yesterday.” If we don’t say these types of things, then that means we still don’t see the Lord as a Person, but as a concept. The focus of morning watch should be on beholding the beauty of the Lord.

But first, before coming to God, we need to learn to be silent before the Lord, and the best way to be silent is to call on the Lord! Calling on the Lord keeps us silent! As we settle down our being by our calling, we should begin to pray. This prayer isn’t praying for different matters, but with the aim to just behold, breathe and absorb God.

As we pray, the Lord will touch us about certain matters that we need to deal with. We just acknowledge those things, say amen, take the blood, and move on. Our focus shouldn’t be on being clean and spotless, but should still be focused on touching God. Our need in the morning is to get to God.

Then, once we sense that we have contacted and touched God, we should stop and turn to the Lord’s Word. However, our reading should be a particular type of reading: it should be reading mixed with prayer. This is for us to feed on the Lord through His word.

Like most people, I find it difficult to stay focused on the Lord. A brother shared that the best way to stay focused is by genuine pray-reading. This is pray-reading that you mingle, convert, and personalize. You must mingle reading with prayer. You also can convert the words in the Bible to your own prayer. And you can personalize, make it your own style.

When we were given 10-15 minutes to spend with the Lord, I really wanted to try out this genuine pray-reading. Let me tell you, this genuine pray-reading works! I was able to stay focused and really feed on the Lord. These were some of the sweetest and most real times with the Lord I’ve ever had.

I appreciated that in order to be an age-turner, we have to start our day off right by coming to the Lord. The other sessions at the training really follow this matter of coming to the Lord in the morning. As we spend time with the Lord, we are filled inwardly and outwardly with the Spirit.

This gives us the opportunity to flow out in the day through preaching the gospel. As we bear remaining fruit, the Lord’s testimony on the earth grows. This testimony is the Body, the Bride of Christ. When the Bride is prepared, the Lord will come back. This is what we are here for. Lord, make us Your age-turners!

Sharing by brother Zach M. from the 2015 National College Training in the USA. Did you attend the training? You can send it by email to enjoyingthelord@gmail.com to be posted online!