How Much the Lord Did for Us – How Precious He Is! (2013 Winter School)

How Much the Lord Did for Us - How Precious He Is! (2013 Winter School)I really enjoyed the whole conference actually, but in the messages it really touched me how much the Lord really loves us. Because He could say, “Well, man fell, so I will just restart this earth!” – but no, God loved us so much, that He wouldn’t even give up the world because of two people.

But He couldn’t just say, “OK, I will forgive your sins, now you’re cleansed again.” Because otherwise Satan would say this is not righteous and because God is the God of righteousness, He couldn’t do it. Because He is the God of Righteousness and Love, He sent His only Son for us on earth.

Jesus suffered a lot in His life, especially the last hours before His death. And on the cross all our sins were put on Jesus, even though He didn’t do anything to deserve this! But now, since He resurrected, He can forgive us all our sins and He wants to enter into us.

And it really makes me sad to see how many people don’t understand how much the Lord did for us, and that they have a real Savior! So it is our job to tell them about it and preach the gospel to them. My prayer is,

Lord, please enter into our hearts and show all the people on this earth, how precious You are!

Sharing from the 2013-2014 Winter School of Truth in Holland by sister C.G. (Switzerland), with the general topic of, “God’s Complete Salvation”.

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