How Sweet it is to Be with the Saints on the Highway to Zion! (2014 Poland Camp)

How Sweet it is to Be with the Saints on the Highway to Zion! (2014 Poland Camp)The Young People’s Conference in Poland is always a week that you can not compare to any other week. Because you just enjoy it, as you were in a family with the Lord in the middle. Just seeing all those sweet saints does already make the week to be one of the best!

I could tell a lot of my highlights from this time in the Poland Camp 2014, but then I would keep talking until tomorrow! Even though the subject was related to the tabernacle, what I really enjoyed is some of the points that the brothers mentioned in the messages.

One of the points was just about our friends. I really have a burden for them. God chose us out of many others, and made us His people. So we have to share this God that we have to our friends too! We are the bridge between them and God.

What really also touched me was that every single city that has no local church life is meaningless. Sometimes I ask myself, Why is the church life where I am so small and so hard to be built up? But now I really know that I should treasure this situation. Praise the Lord that my city is not meaningless now!

Then another point is that we are never to young for the building up of God’s desire, His church. He is even looking for young people like us. Because we are the next generation, we should have the desire to bring the Lord back.

One last point was that we are all on the highway to Zion. This highway is the way of the Lord. He wants us to stay there…up to Zion. There are still saints in the church life that leave the church life after many years because of any reason. So we should really set our mind on the goal: Mount Zion.

Lord Jesus, we just really want You to get in our hearts, that You may lead it Your way and for Your desire!

Sharing by sis. C. G. (Switzerland), from her top enjoyment in the 2014 European Young People’s Conference in Poland (the 2014 Poland Camp). If you want to share YOUR enjoyment from this conference email it to us at

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