Gaining a Hunger for the Ministry of the Age and Being Surrounded by Patterns (FTT)

Two Aspects of being in the Full-Time Training: 1. Gaining an ever-increasing hunger for the ministry of the age. 2. Being surrounded by patterns.It is a privilege untold to be trained for God’s eternal purpose. It is true that the Lord can use any environment and situation to train us, but it’s a fact that in the Lord’s recovery we are very blessed to have something like the Full-Time Training.

The Full-Time training provides a unique and exceedingly precious atmosphere that is conducive to us being constituted with the Word and with the ministry. If we mean business with the Lord, and we desire to be absolute for His purpose, we should spontaneously recognize our need to be trained.

There are two aspects of the training that have had a great effect on my life that I’d like to share…

1. Gaining an ever-increasing hunger for the ministry of the age. Growing up in the church life I’ll admit my appreciation for the ministry was very minimal, probably because I just got used to hearing it. Coming to the training, however, has given me such a fresh appreciation for the ministry.

The training has helped me pick up the habit of daily reading AND eating the ministry. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve just been reading the ministry and all of a sudden I come across a small portion that changed my entire Christian life. I’m not exaggerating.

This really is a bride-preparing ministry. But you can’t find these rich portions and be supplied unless you’re consistently in the ministry.

2. Being surrounded by patterns. In my experience, and I believe in the experience of many of us, we often read portions of the ministry or the Word and we’re discouraged by the disconnect between what we’re reading and our daily life.

And so we may ask ourselves questions like “Is this really possible?”, or “Can I really be an overcomer?”, or “Can I really live the God-man life?”, etc. In the training you’re surrounded by many trainers who have gone before us, who have been around for a long time, and have taken the ministry and the Word and made it their daily living.

And you begin to see that with God all things are truly possible. Seeing these saints has left such an impression on me. And every time I’m with some of these saints, within me is this prayer,

Lord, do in me what you did in them, so that I too could become a joint of supply in Your Body.

These are just two of the many precious aspects of the training I am thankful for. The benefits of being in the training and the effects it has had on my human life, Christian life, and church life, even after just one year, are incalculable. And this experience has driven me to the Lord with this prayer,

Lord, bless thousands of other young people throughout Your recovery with this same opportunity to be trained.

I encourage you all, just take this to the Lord and pray. See how He would personally lead you 🙂
“Give yourself to love the Lord, no other way is so rich, so safe, and so full of enjoyment”.

Sharing by JayWynn D. (Canada) from his top enjoyment in the Full-Time Training.