I Enjoyed Being at the “European Young People’s Conference of the Year!” (2013 Poland Camp)

I Enjoyed Being at the "European Young People's Conference of the Year!" (2013 Poland Camp)Going to the Poland Conference and seeing all the young people and their families coming from all different countries who are so desperate. In Irvine (CA, USA), we have meeting after meeting, and if we don’t go to this Saturday’s meeting you would have missed one – but I can go to the next one! That’s our attitude in life but for these saints this is it. This is the one conference of the year that they get to get together.

So it is not just young people who got together, there are families who were there with young children who signed up and then have their own activities. They come in and sit in the conference. And these saints are on fire – they are so seeking and so desperate, and they just seized the opportunity to share every time! They sit in the front row, and they loved declaring the hymns. I really enjoyed the atmosphere in the conference and their pursuing heart. It is really exposing on my part too just how comfortable we are all here having all the saints and all these meetings.

One of the points that I enjoyed is the law that is given to us. I always considered that in my concept you keep the law and you try your best to do it, but God wants to set such a high standard to make us realize that we cannot get there on our own. For us it is impossible; on the one hand, the Christian life is impossible but on the other hand it is also effortless! Because we have the standard and He makes it so hard…like regard the brothers like yourself…how do you do that? We can’t do that. There are things that we cannot do on our own.

One of the points that I enjoyed is that if we cannot love somebody you should bring that to the Lord and just open to the Lord and say, “Lord, I can’t do it” or even say to the Lord, “Let’s not like this sister together” and invite the Lord into your emotions. Soon, you are opening to the Lord regarding this matter and the Lord infuses Himself into you as love so that the Lord has a way in you! So that is the Christian life — on the one hand impossible and on the other effortless.

The other point that I enjoyed is that the Bible is like a love letter revealing who God is and we need to read the Word. We need to be in the Word, be infused with the Word to really know who God is. He speaks to us through His Word and to change our diet is to be in the Word everyday.

Sharing from the 2013 Poland Camp by a young brother from Irvine, CA, USA.

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