I went to the Full Time Training because I want to be 100% for the Lord!

1 Cor. 15:10 ...but by the grace of God I am what I am; and His grace unto me did not turn out to be in vain, but, on the contrary, I labored more abundantly than all of them, yet not I but the grace of God which is with me. Praise the Lord for the Full-Time Training! Coming to the training is never an easy path; there are experiences and obstacles that go along with the road to the training but the Lord is always merciful and provides the grace to make it through to take us where we need to be.

My experience in deciding to go to the training has been a long and arduous one. I was able to grow up in an area that has always had “trainees” and knew about them from a young age. I remember going to conferences and meetings and one particular meeting, they asked us if we wanted to consecrate to go to the training and I was one of the ones who stood up to consecrate. I forgot about that experience for many years afterward but the Lord never forgets our consecrations!

I struggled – as many other young people did – and sometimes felt as if the Lord was not with me. However, the prayer of the saints who cared for me kept me going throughout the years.

I was brought to a high school conference during my junior year when I was still wavering in my pursuit of the Lord but by the Lord’s mercy I was thoroughly impressed with the burden that Brother Tom Goetz shared in a meeting that our Lord Jesus is coming back soon and we need to be aware and prepare for His coming, because He’s coming back whether you’re ready or not.

That summer after my junior year I had the privilege of attending the Young People’s Poland Conference in Male Ciche, and there I was further captured and captivated by the Lord and for His move and economy on the earth.

I still did not and do not have a clear understanding of God’s economy but that’s okay because the little vision that was imparted to me was sufficient and in the training you learn even more about it! I was baptized and reconsecrated my final year of high school and college years to the Lord.

I was able to have a stronger deposit of the Lord in my being after that summer and I continue on in my pursuit of the Lord from my last year to the beginning of college. I was still continually involved in the gospel/campus work at my university and getting to be built up and blending with the saints nearby and it was very sweet to enter into the church life as a university student.

However, the Lord was not short on the experiences He would allow me to pass through. I struggled once more in my faith and often felt that Satan would attack me in making me feel inadequate to be in the church life and be a believer but I read a verse that forever shut him up and that was in 1 Cor. 15:10 which says,

…but by the grace of God I am what I am; and His grace unto me did not turn out to be in vain, but, on the contrary, I labored more abundantly than all of them, yet not I but the grace of God which is with me.

By the Lord’s grace and mercy, we are who we are and pass through certain experiences. But praise the Lord we can continue on and labor! The Lord Jesus is always with us and that is definitely something that encouraged me to go on to the training.

Fast forward through the first three years of my college years and at the beginning of my last year, I began to seriously consider going to the training and for the next year, I was back and forth between saying yes to the training and then changing my mind and not going multiple times.

I was very anxious for the future and realized I was very involved and focused on my future career of medicine and did not want to stop in my current pathway, but the Lord showed me that I needed to give that up and put it on hold and pursue after what He had planned.

During the National College Training in July, the Lord spoke to me again through Brother Tom Goetz when he began to speak about the training and how we need to be young people who are absolute for the Lord. I was convicted and realized that all these years I was lying to myself about being fully absolute to the Lord’s will in my life and during this time I had decided against going to the training. After praying much following that message, the Lord spoke directly to me and all He said was “Go to the training.”

There were 2 weeks until the applications were due and, after some fellowship and prayer, I submitted my application and was accepted 1 week prior to the beginning of the term. The Lord works in amazing and mysterious ways and I am still in shock that I am in the training.

Praise the Lord for what He can do in each one of us! I came to the training because I also realized that I wanted to be one who would be 100% for the Lord and want to help bring the Lord back and cooperate with His purpose and economy and there is nothing higher for us to do on this earth.

After being in the training for 4 weeks now, I realize it is such a privilege being here because here I am being infused with what it means to have a normal Christian life, perfected into a God-man and imparted with the vision of God’s heart’s desire.

I encourage each and every one of you to give 2 years to consecrate and come to the training because what are 2 years of your 70+ years on this earth? That’s nothing compared to the blessing and eternity that God will provide. Praise the Lord for the full-time training!

Sharing from sister J. D. who joined the FTTA (Full-time Training in Anaheim) – from her experience of how the Lord brought her to the training.