It is Normal to Love the Lord and be One with Him (2013 Winter School)

It is Normal to Love the Lord and be One with Him (2013 Winter School)In the 2013 Winter School of Truth I was in the group going through the topic of, God’s Full Salvation.

In lesson three I enjoyed a particular illustration. The brother had a container with clear water kind of representing us from the start when we had no sin. And then he poured green liquid into the water and said this is God in us. So the green liquid mixed with the clear water is us (man) and God, BUT it’s not that simple.

Man of course fell and began to sin. He showed this by then placing a small rock in the pure clean water of God and man. This destroyed part of man and God. Then he put more rocks some really big and this is all representing sin. These sins sometimes block us from God and one of the solutions is take out the rocks! The best way to receive God is to flush out the old.

How? Well, there are 3 main ways:

  1. He shines on us
  2. We agree
  3. He removes!

In lesson six I enjoyed a point that really touched me. The brother asked, Can anyone here give a definition of common or normal? Not many of us could answer this question. I have always thought that they are very similar. The first thing the brother said was the world is just so common. His point was people in the world now do so many wrong things and people in the world say these things are just “normal” since they happen everyday, but this is not true – this is so wrong!

The biblical definition of NORMAL is to love the Lord, give yourself to the Lord and be one with the Lord! The world has changed so much this is not the way it’s meant to be. As young people we need to make the world less common and more normal by preaching the gospel!

Oh Lord we just give You this situation of the world. Oh Lord just help us to make it less common and more normal!

Sharing from the 2013-2014 Winter School of Truth in London by sister H.K. (Norwich, UK), with the general topic of, “God’s Full Salvation”.

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