It’s a Blessing to Be a Young Person in the Lord’s Recovery (2013 Poland Camp)

It's a Blessing to Be a Young Person in the Lord's Recovery (2013 Poland Camp)During this conference I realized what a blessing it was for me to be in the Lord’s recovery. On Wednesday night brother Tom gave a special fellowship about what the recovery is and what it means to be in the recovery. Throughout history the church has become degraded, so it needs to be restored to God’s original intention, to return to a normal condition after the damage has been incurred.

So throughout the ages God used a group of people to carry out His economy. In the 1800’s it was the Brethren. Starting from the 1900’s it was the Lord’s recovery, and we are all the functioning members of the Lord’s recovery.

One of the most important group of functioning members is the young people because we are a part of the Lord’s move and we are the future of the spreading the Lord’s recovery – it is all depending on us.

A lot of times, as a young person, I always thought it was so hard to be in the recovery because I hated being criticized or questioned about what I believe in, but something in the recovery is so pure and so rich and so full of truth!

And so when we ask ourselves, Why we have to wear such long skirts? there is a statement in the cabin times where it says the church needs to be pure, a pure testimony of Jesus.┬áIt cannot tolerate any impurity because if the church has become rotten, it loses its nature and standing as the Lord’s testimony.

I thought it was kind of scary what if one day God thinks that the Lord’s recovery has become lukewarm and what if God decides to move on to a new group of people? We can’t let this happen. We need to be more faithful and stronger. Not just outwardly and not just to show that we are Christian but also inwardly to behold His face day by day and spend personal time with Him.

Sharing by sister J.H. (California, USA) from her top enjoyment as a young person in the 2013 Poland Camp.

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