Keeping the Law of God by Loving God as our Husband (2013 Poland Camp)

Keeping the Law of God by Loving God as our Husband (2013 Poland Camp)I really enjoyed that the content of God’s economy and the secret of the whole universe is the divine romance between God and His chosen and redeemed people.

Isaiah 54:5 says, “For your Maker is your Husband […]” – the Creator of the whole universe had created us to be His bride. Therefore, our Lord doesn’t seek “friends” but true lovers; He loves us with the same unique love that exists between a man and a woman.

The highest sign in the universe is the marriage between a man and a woman because it shows God’s intention to be joined to man. We keep the law of God by loving Him as our Husband, otherwise it is impossible!

“And Jehovah appeared to me from afar, saying, Indeed I have loved you with an eternal love, Therefore I have drawn you with lovingkindness” Jer 31:3

Hallelujah for His eternal love! His anger can be measured (see Exo. 20:5) but His love remains infinite, immeasurable! (see Exo. 20:6 – “Yet showing lovingkindness to thousands of generations of those who love Me and keep My commandments.”)

He tells us constantly the He loves us through His love letters which are the Bible. So, He wants us to answer back to these love letters. But How? Simply by diving in His word day by day.

This year, it was my first time as a serving one and I realized something I’ve never seen that clearly before: the conference in Poland isn’t a week for the parents to rest while their children are doing some activities in the mountains; no, this conference is clearly to raise the generation that will bring the Lord back. Amen.

Sharing by Julia A. from her top enjoyment in the European Young People’s Conference in Poland (2013). Read more testimonies via the Facebook page.

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  3. Praise You Lord Jesus for calling us and recovering us back to yourself to be prepared as a corporate Bride for her Husband! Lord Jesus gain many overcoming ones to love you with our whole being. Oh Lord Jesus we Love You! You are our first love and our BEST love! Amen!

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