How does the Law of the Spirit of Life Operate in our Experience?

Rom. 8:2 For the law of the Spirit of life has freed me in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and of death.I very much enjoyed a law this week. What law is it? Of course it is not the federal law, nor the Ten Commandments, and probably not the three laws of Newton (although I did use them all the time when I was fighting for my bachelor degree in college). It is the law in Romans 8:1-11, the law of the Spirit of life.

After reading chapters five to eight in Romans, we can see that this law is nothing but the processed Triune God becoming the life-giving Spirit to dwell in us. This law is not a way, a method, or a solution; this law is a person (Rom 7:24).

Most of us have heard much concerning this law: the strongest law in the universe that overcomes the law of sin and of death. Yet, how real is this law to us?

In Paul’s experience, every time he turned to his spirit, there was a life flow that uplifted him and brought him out of sin and death. It worked every single time.

For this reason, he told the saints in Rome that the Spirit of life operates as a law. The only thing he had to do was to turn on the switch and let the law operate.

Many times in our experience we do not feel the flow of life. This is because the Spirit does not operate according to our feeling, but according to our faith.

When we believed into the Lord, the Spirit of life dwells in us (Rom 8:11), this law operates. It supplies our spirit (verse 10), soul (verse 6) and body (verse 11). Do not exercise your power, but your will. Simply turn on the switch and enjoy the supply.

Sharing by D. Y.  from his enjoyment in the full time training for the building up of the church as the Body of Christ.