Living According to the Heavenly and Divine Rule (as Joseph did) #EYCP2015

Living According to the Heavenly and Divine Rule (as Joseph did) #EYCP2015Hallelujah for another wonderful Poland conference this year! There was so much I enjoyed but one point that touched me the most was that Joseph was seen as the perfect type of Christ in the Old Testament. I actually did not know until this conference that Joseph was typified in this way. Joseph in the Old Testament and Jesus in the New Testament are actually seen to be very similar.

There are 13 points that show their similarities:

  1. They were both shepherds and took care of others
  2. They were both their father’s beloved sons
  3. They were both sent out into the world
  4. They were both hated and betrayed by their brothers/others
  5. They were both imprisoned (imprisonment represents death)
  6. They were both released (resurrected)
  7. They were both enthroned
  8. They were both glorified
  9. They were both savior of the world, sustainer of life and revealer of secrets
  10. They both had Gentile wives
  11. They both were supplied
  12. They both were recognized
  13. They were both rulers of the world

All these points show the lives that they both lived in the world and it wasn’t just an easy and simple life. Both went through a lot of difficulties, struggles and temptations from the world.

Growing up many church kids recognize that Jesus lived a perfect life of 33 and half years on the earth. In Hebrews 4:15 we see that the Lord had been “…tempted in all respects like us yet without sin.” The Lord was tempted several times but He never gave into the temptation. What touched me the most was that Joseph was a person who lived according to the heavenly and divine rule. Because of this he was able to flee from all temptations and evil hindrances that could stop him from fulfilling his purpose.

Today we have to be like Joseph who sought to live according to God’s rule. He had to be imprisoned for 12 years but during that time he learned how to serve others and be faithful for the Lord to work on him until he was fully matured and ready to reign over all Egypt. By the time he revealed himself to his brothers he was able to tell them that “…God sent me before you to preserve life.” (Genesis 45:5)

One last thing I enjoyed was that, before Joseph had been sold into slavery by his brothers, he saw all the wicked things that his brother did and reported it to his father. Yet the Lord gave him the dream concerning the sheaves of wheat – this picture shows that regardless of the evil Joseph’s brothers did they were still all the same as he was in the Lord’s eyes.

This was very sobering to me because many times I can look at other brothers and sisters around me and view them the way Joseph saw his brothers. This entire week has sobered me and helped me to come to realize that no one is any different in the Lord’s eyes. Praise the Lord for the Secret of the Reigning Life of Joseph!

Sharing by sister C.G.G. (California, USA) from her enjoyment in the 2015 European Young People’s Conference in Poland (in the summer, #EYPC2015; listen to the messages from this time online here, and find us on Facebook). If you were at this conference and would like to share what you enjoyed the most, email us at