Lord, Because I love You, I Offer Myself Willingly to You! #NCT2015

Lord, Because I love You, I Offer Myself Willingly to You! #NCT2015If I could summarize the 2015 National College Training week in one sentence, it would be: “To turn this age, God’s economy needs man’s willing cooperation.”

Brother Minoru Chen gave the last message of the training and he asked us a question that really touched me.

“Have you been to a wedding before?”

“Have you been to a wedding where the bride didn’t show up?”


If the Lord came back today, He would be disappointed because the Bride had not been prepared. Certainly no bridegroom would come, stand, and wait for his bride, right? Well, Hallelujah, the Lord Jesus is coming back as the Bridegroom for His Bride!

When we received our eternal salvation, it was like the Lord proposed to us and we made a commitment to be absolute for Him. And now we’re in the process of being transformed and prepared to be a corporate Bride. The Lord may be delayed, but He will never be defeated.

Assuming that you live to be 100 years old, if you give your 4 college years to the Lord, that’s only 4% of your life. If you go to the Full-Time Training, in terms of time, that’s only 2% of your life. But if we want to be a age-turners, we have to pray that all the days of our lives will be fully given to the Lord’s purpose!

Praise the Lord that all these young people have voluntarily consecrated their lives for the greatest age-turning event: the preparation of the Bride, the defeat of Satan, and bringing back the Lord for eternity!

Lord, I say YES to You, 100%!
In the consummation of the ages, rekindle my love for You
Set me as a seal on Your heart.
Set me as a seal on Your arm.
Keep on touching my being so you can gain me to be part of Your Bride!
Lord, because I love You, I offer myself willingly.

Sharing by sister H. C. (Atlanta, USA), from her top enjoyment in the 2015 National College Training in the USA. Share your testimony of what touched you the most in this time by emailing it to us at enjoyingthelord@gmail.com.

Watch the two videos below and listen to other Christian students sharing what they enjoyed the most during this time.