Lord, become so real to me; I want to touch You in a real and solid way! (2014 Poland Camp)

Praise the Lord for another age-turning Poland Conference at Male Ciche! (Poland Camp 2014)

Praise the Lord for another age-turning Poland Conference at Male Ciche! This year, by the Lord’s mercy I received another opportunity to be a part of the conference that completely, absolutely changed my life last year.

Believers from over 27 countries gathered this year, all with simply one goal in view: to listen to God’s up-to-date speaking and to build up the church corporately! I have so much to share concerning all the things I’ve experienced on the mountain this past week, but first I would like to share briefly on how exactly I got to Poland in the first place.

I was unable to go to Poland in 2012 due to financial shortcomings. I remember feeling depressed and heartbroken, since my closest companions in the church life all went that year, except for me. That same year I began to pray with a brother about going to Poland; I remember specifically in asking the Lord to be fair (jokingly) and send me to the Poland Conference.

And yet, deep down, I knew it in my heart that going to Europe would be outright impossible – since I couldn’t even go back to Taiwan to visit after my family moving to the U.S. in 2007, not even once. But by His mercy, that following year He sent me to Europe for the Poland Conference – and not just one, but two consecutive years!

A brother who works for the airline graciously offered me his traveling mileage last year, so I could fly with them to Poland. However, when our flight from LAX to Frankfurt is delayed for 28 hours due to a problem with the plane engine, I thought that going to Poland was too good to be true after all… Praise the Lord for this sovereignly-arranged flight delay!

Because of this incident, I received compensations from the airline – compensations that enables me to go back to Poland again this year! To His marvelous and mysterious plans for me, I have nothing to say except PRAISE THE LORD!!! I really didn’t do anything out of my own self effort. I prayed, and God opened a way!

Lord, become so real to me; I want to touch You in a real and solid way. Restore my first love for You.

This prayer has been the one, utmost prayer on my heart over the past 2 years. I’ve been praying desperately for the Lord to replace me and become my everything. Now, I can say from the bottom of my heart, that the Lord has never been this real to me in my entire life! Hallelujah!!! He touched me and broke me in a way like never before. My utmost prayer is now:

Lord Jesus! I want to be useful for Your recovery. Make me useful in Your hand. Make me a pillar and a pillar builder in the church!

My top enjoyment from the Poland Young People’s Conference is this: We cannot just pray for ourselves; rather, we must pray for the Lord’s recovery. If we do not pray, God cannot move; if we pray, God can move! We need to COME FORWARD and BUILD THE CHURCH!!!

We must be ones who spend time with the Lord – not at the bottom of the mountain standing at a distance, or even on the mountain under a clear sky, but we need to be ABOVE the clouds on the mountaintop, so that we could be infused with God under His glory & receive the divine instructions for the building of the tabernacle!

Lord Jesus, my all is for You! Make us useful for Your Recovery!

Sharing by bro. W.J. (Irvine, CA, USA), from his top enjoyment in the 2014 European Young People’s Conference in Poland (the 2014 Poland Camp). If you want to share YOUR enjoyment from this conference email it to us at 21stcenturynazarites @ gmail.com.

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