The Lord desires to gain His Counterpart by Sanctifying us in His Word

Isa. 54:5 Your maker is your Husband.The title of the recent 2017 fall college conference in California was about Christ’s deep longing and good pleasure. I was just impressed throughout the Bible the Lord is longing for His bride.

In Isa. 54:5 it says “Your Maker is your Husband”. Then in Hosea 2:16 “And in that day, declares Jehovah, You will call Me, My Husband” and in Hosea 2:19, “And I will betrothe you to Myself forever, Indeed I will betrothe you to Myself”.  And in 2 Cor. 11:2, “For I am jealous over you with a jealousy of God, for I betrothed you to one husband to present you as a pure virgin to Christ.”

We see that the whole Bible the Lord desires to gain His counterpart, His bride. The Lord doesn’t desire us to just know Him but to have a relationship with Him. On one hand, He is loving us but on the other hand we need to love Him.

In Eph 5:25-26 it says that, “…Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her, that He might sanctify her, cleansing her by the washing of the water in the word”.  The Lord is preparing the bride by sanctifying her and making her glorious, thereby making us beautiful in the eyes of the Lord.

The word sanctification here is not just positional but dispositional sanctification, meaning that it is not just an outward change in conduct and behavior that makes us sanctified, but Christ is infusing His element into us thus making us holy and separated, sanctified.

The brother gave a vivid illustration of this: we are like the cucumbers, we are in the process of becoming a pickle (which is the bride). The cucumbers need to be soaked in the brine for 21 days to become a pickle. This means that we need to be soaked in the Word of God; 21 days means we need to spend time to be soaked in the Word, and the elements of the brine will be infused into us to make us a pickle.

The problem is not the cucumber – whatever size and shape of the cucumber is; as long as it is soaked in the brine it becomes the pickle. The problem is what kind of brine we may be soaked in that results in what kind of pickle we will turn out to be. If you had the salty brine the result will be a salty pickle.

If we spend time not to be soaked with other things than the word of God, we will become the bride of Christ. How we need to be soaked in the word of God that will transform us into the Bride.

Sharing by D. T. from his top enjoyment in the recent weeks in the Full-Time Training, and the college conference.