Lord, Empower us in the Grace to Live a Life to Turn this Age! #NCT2015

Lord, Empower us in the Grace to Live a Life to Turn this Age and Bring You back! #NCT2015The 2015 National College Training was truly a remarkable experience! From the very beginning, I was impressed that this unprecedented event would be a landmark experience in the lives of many young people. As with Abraham, at every landmark experience in our Christian life, we must respond by building an altar as a sign of consecration and realization that our entire existence on earth is for God. This was definitely my experience this week.

Throughout the week a vision was presented that God has a need for age-turning vessels and that He is looking to the young people to answer His call to end this age. We live in the most privileged time where we can do the most for the Lord but in order to be useful to Him now, we must be willing to pay a great price.

I was particularly touched that although the Lord is calling this generation of young people to carry out the highest work in the universe, what He desires from us is simply to be willing. To be a Nazarite doesn’t depend on our ability or status, but it depends on our willingness. We simply need to make the choice to be produced as an age-turner and that is good enough.

We then saw that an age turner is one who is absolute. However, when we honestly consider our situation, we realize that in ourselves we are far short. But we were encouraged not to worry! Yes, we are short. But the Lord has a way to take care of this. This is by grace. Grace empowers us to do what we never thought we could do in ourselves.

And this is where things became so practical to me. In order to be part of the greatest thing going on in the universe I need grace! Noah found grace in the eyes of Jehovah (Gen. 6:8), and this empowered him to overcome the stupefying age and have a life and work that turned the age. Noah couldn’t stand looking at the age so he looked at Jehovah and was infused with grace. In the same way, we need to go to the throne of grace, where God’s eyes are, to behold Him! We can’t face the situation in this age. We need grace!

Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. And His eyes today are in the Word. When we open the Bible we are coming to our Beloved to gaze into His eyes. My morning time was given a whole new meaning. When we come to Him in the morning, we are meeting a Person in the Word to be face-to-face with Him.

Not only do we need to come to the Word in this way each morning, but we also need to come to Him in our daily reading of the Word. I was impressed that as age-turners we are heralds of the gospel. And in order to be faithful ministers of the word of the truth, we need to be constituted with the truth. We can only give what we have. Through our daily reading of the Word we are being constituted with the truth. I’ve never appreciated my Bible as much as I do after this week!

Though the vision presented was so high, the practice that will give the Lord the way to carry it out is so practical. I was freshly touched to give myself to the Lord for His purpose and desire, realizing that I am not able to do anything for Him, yet I can make myself available for Him to work it out in me.

Thank You Lord for giving us the opportunity to be part of the generation that seeks Your face and who will bring You back. Produce us as Your overcomers. Empower us in the grace to live a life to turn this age. We are not ashamed to be Your Jesus’ lovers! We choose to stand with You to consummate this age!

Sharing by sister D. M. (Texas, USA) from her top enjoyment in the 2015 National College Training in the USA. If you were in the training and would like to share what the Lord touched you with, email us at enjoyingthelord@gmail.com.