Lord I am Here now, I Offer Myself to You! Make me Absolute! NCT2015

Lord I am Here now, I Offer Myself to You! Make me Absolute! NCT2015 consecration

Consecrations from the Christian Students attenting the 2015 National College Training. Picture credit: ageturners.com

At the 2015 National College Training I was really touched by the matter of being absolute for the Lord and the emptying and filling of our being. I’ll be the first to admit I am not absolute for the Lord, and there’s no way I will be in my natural strength. But a good prayer that I can pray is,

Lord I am here now, I offer myself to You right now. Make me absolute.

Using this prayer, the Lord will shine on things in your being. When you get rid of that thing in your being on which He shines, the Lord will fill you up with Himself. Eventually the Lord will replace all these things in your being with Himself and you will be filled completely and absolutely with the Lord!

One of the most touching nights was the night of consecration. Bro. Minoru started off the message with a really deep burden about the Lord’s move on earth. He had such a burden that he didn’t even cover the outline. The line that really stuck out to me was when he said we are God’s young people. The fact that the Lord told him that we are God’s young people really opened my eyes.

He spoke about to matter of being absolute for the Lord, preserving our bodies for His return, and consecration. If we don’t consecrate ourselves to the Lord it will be hard for Him to work in us.

At the end of the message bro. Minoru opened up the mics for us college students to consecrate ourselves to the Lord. Hundreds of students rushed up to the mic, and there were so many we didn’t get to them all. We took home blank sheets of paper and wrote down our private consecration to the Lord instead.

I think this really helped me because it allowed me to write down whatever might be in the way of the Lord and His working in me, and I asked the Lord to help us get through it. We also took a picture of the private consecration so we could forever remember what we want the Lord to do in us. Nothing in our natural strength but everything in His strength.

Sharing by bro. Zion F. from his top enjoyment in the 2015 National College Training in the USA. If you were at the training and would like to share your testimony, you can leave a comment or you can email us at enjoyingthelord@gmail.com.