Lord, thank You for Your full salvation! (2013 Winter School of Truth)

Lord, thank You for Your full salvation! Sharing from the 2013 Winter School of Truth in LondonI really enjoyed this year’s Winter School of Truth (in London); it was on God’s Full Salvation.

I especially enjoyed message 11, which was on the 3 stages of salvation. There are 3 different stages of salvation. In this message the brother gave the illustration of a train. The train had a purpose, and its purpose was “to pursue God as life”. But after that the fall of man that train was put “off course” and was headed to the lake of fire. This train became the world. But, after Jesus died on the cross for us, a new train came into the picture, and that train was headed to the New Jerusalem! Now we can finally eat of the tree of life!

If we haven’t entered into “the train headed for the New Jerusalem” we are still a part of the world. You may have called on the name of the Lord and that means you were saved. But that means only your spirit is “on course to the New Jerusalem”. That is stage 1. Stage 2 is when our enjoyment of the Lord spreads to our soul, and stage 3 is when our whole being is on course to the New Jerusalem!

The brothers explained that we are all in stage 2. We have to grow in life so that our whole being can be on course to the New Jerusalem. We can grow in life by reading the Bible, pray reading the word of God, praying, confessing, calling, going to the meetings and much more. God is not satisfied with only having our spirit regenerated. He has payed His price – He sent His only begotten Son to die on the cross for us; now we have to pay the price – let God enter into our entire being! Then He will be satisfied!

I really enjoyed 1 Corinthians 9:24 which says, Do you not know that those who run on a racecourse all run, but one receives the price? Run in this way that you may lay hold. We have to give our whole being to Him. We ask and open, and then we will receive! Lord, thank You for Your full salvation!

Sharing from the 2013-2014 Winter School of Truth in London by brother R.T. (Ireland), with the general topic of, “God’s Full Salvation”.

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