Lord, Transform us into People who are Absolute for You! #NCT2015

Lord, Transform us into People who are Absolute for You! NCT2015The 2015 National College Training was incredible! The messages during the evening sessions have been on examples of Samuel, Daniel, John, Noah and Moses. All these ones that were absolute for the Lord, and it’s great, it’s been really encouraging and inspiring to want to be like them….But they all seem so perfect!

Wednesday night though we talked about Peter, and I never appreciated the story of Peter so much; he was someone that wasn’t perfect, he constantly made mistakes throughout the Gospels, and he even denied the Lord pretty much to His face. But isn’t that just like us? Don’t we all say, Lord we are for You! And hearing about Peter we’re all like “No way, I would never be like that if it was me”? But even if our lips won’t deny Him, sometimes our living surely does.

Peter is just so relatable, I mean what would it have been like to be Peter and doing that in front of the Lord Jesus?! Then right after the rooster crowed, that look he got from Jesus that melted him, it would have been so devastating, I would be so cut up and so ashamed. I would have thought, “No that’s it, I’m done. There is no way the Lord is going to want to use me now. He would just cast me aside…” But No! He didn’t.

Instead, on the morning of Christ’s resurrection the angel said to Mary the Magdalene and Mary in Mark16:7 “But go, tell His disciples and PETER…..” The Lord didn’t forget about Peter. He remembered him, and even mentioned him by name. Can you imagine what hearing that would have done to Peter? He would’ve gone and cried again.

And each time that Peter failed in the gospels, the Lord rebuked him and then he bounced right back. We can’t be stumbled because of our failures, we don’t have the time to wait: we need to bounce back like Peter! And quickly! We are at the consummation of the age! We will all go through experiences and hard times, but we can’t let that shake us.

For even on the Lords last night before he was to be delivered up to the high priests He said in Luke 22:32 “But I have made petition concerning you, that your faith would not fail.” He said this after He found out that Satan wants to sift us as wheat, meaning He didn’t pray that we wouldn’t be sifted, rather He allowed the sifting and prayed that our faith wouldn’t fail! Wow! Amen!

Thank You, Lord, even when our faith was small and we gave up on You, You never gave up on us, and You loved us!

Just thinking about this matter of allowing Satan to sift us – this iss also out of His love for us; because He wants to transform us from clay into precious stones, we need the sifting and we need to go through heat and pressure in order to become transformed into a precious stone!

Lord continue to work in us! Transform us into people who are absolute for You, and make us building blocks for Your church! Amen.

Sharing by sister Jenny C. from her top enjoyment in the 2015 National College Training in the USA. You can listen to the messages from this time via AgeTurners.com and read a review of these days here.