Loving Seekers and Not Law Keepers! (Poland Camp 2013)

Loving Seekers and Not Law Keepers! (Poland Camp 2013)I really enjoyed that the Ten Commandments are a picture of our God! When we first see the Ten Commandments, it’s so easy to mistake them as rules to live by in our day to day life. I myself often fall into the trap and reason with myself.

However, although I haven’t killed or committed adultery, I have to admit I often wish that I could have material things which belong to other people. This breaks one of the commandments of coveting.

A set of laws reflect the person who created the laws. The Ten Commandments reflect a perfect person and this perfect person is our Lord Jesus. We should not try and obey these laws just to be a good person as we would most likely be in the flesh.

God doesn’t want good men. He wants God men!

We can pray and read the word daily and behold and reflect him. We can be on the top of the mountain and never leave. Slowly, the Lord will infuse us with Him and as we will be the same as Him in life, nature and expression, we will keep the Commandments without having to think about it!

Praise the Lord for the infusion! Zzzzzzzzhhhh!

Here’s a video with a more solid sharing from my top enjoyment in the 2013 European Young People’s Conference in Poland:

1) Have you seen God’s salvation?
Do you feel his provision?
Have you won the victory o’er the flesh?
Have you entered the kingdom of God? x2

Have you climbed the mountain?
Are you in the light?
Have you changed your diet?
Are you eating Christ?

2) Do you long for his presence?
Do you know His intention,
Is to make us just the same as He?
And to love Him constantly? x2

3) Will you be a loving seeker?
Not a poor, dead law keeper?
We can read His word day by day,
Infuse us Lord, we pray x2

4) Are you in His recovery?
Do you know the highest story,
Is the mingling of both God and man?
To fulfill his eternal plan x2

Final Chorus:
We have climbed the mountain,
We are in the light,
We have changed our diet,
We are eating Christ

Pictures and more sharing via the Poland Camp Facebook page. Learn the song by listening to it via YouTube or SoundCloud. The above sharing is by J.L.

3 thoughts on “Loving Seekers and Not Law Keepers! (Poland Camp 2013)

  1. How we love to stay in the mountain! Lord, we want to be those who enjoy your fresh infusing moment by moment! Thank You for being so small that we may eat You in the word, and thank You for the infusing that we may reflect You!

  2. Lord Jesus, give us an appetite for Your word! We need to spend more time beholding Him, for with beholding comes reflecting!!! We need to have a root life, a hidden christian with only the Lord and ourselves! We need to go deeper into the roots and absorb all that He is, all the nutrients and water of our christian life. May we develop deep roots so the Lord can infuse Himself into us! 😀

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