No Day is a Bad Day when you’re in Your Spirit! #2016SpringUniConf

In the 2016 Spring Uni Conference in Wales one of the brothers said,

No day is a bad day when you are in your spirit. However everyday is a bad day if you are not in your spirit.which gave me a new perspective of the the Christian life. Being a Christian implies expressing and manifesting God, which we are capable to do only if we are in our spirit.

That is why it is so important to let our spirit to be the center of our inner being, and cleanse our mind and our conscience. We have to confess to the Lord and deal away all the offenses, so that we can receive Him with a pure heart. Then the living Christ will flow freely within us and will fill up out vessel.

We have to exercise our spirit by unceasingly seeking God’s love and shepherding, and we need to deny our soul so we can abide in our mingled spirit. It is especially during low times that we have to force ourselves to exercise of our spirit, and never stop pursuing godliness even after many failures.

If we do so, we will steadily be transformed into a spiritual man, and we can then spontaneously release our spirit and manifest God.

Sharing from the 2016 Uni Conference in Wales by bro. B (Norway) from his top enjoyment. If you attended this conference, why not share something of what you enjoyed in this time by emailing us at