No Longer I But Christ, the Overcomer! (2013 Fall University Conference)

No Longer I But Christ, the Overcomer! (2013 Fall University Conference)In the 2013 Fall University Conference there was one hymn/verse that really just kept capturing and touching me throughout:

I am crucified with Christ / and it is no longer I / who liveth, but it is Christ who lives in me. / And the life that I now life in the flesh / I live in faith, / the faith of the Son of God, /who loved and gave Himself up for me ! (Galatians 2:20)

And now I’m walking by the spirit, / step by step, day by day, / O Lord I love You, / You’re the most precious One to me! / As I do this and that, Lord remind me where You’re at, / You’re in my spirit, dispensing grace to me!

No Longer I But Christ!

The Lord desperately needs overcomers to end this age. He is an Almighty God, but He wants us to walk with Him, to cooperate with Him and just give Him the first love in all things. But how can we? How can we be overcomers? Looking at the line of failures I’ve committed throughout my short life so far, I’ve written myself off so many times as a hopeless case of even being an overcomer. I just simply can’t do it by myself.

But praise the Lord! John 16:33 says that Christ is the one who has overcome already! In fact, I enjoyed that Christ cannot help but overcome! And His life is in us! All of us believers, no matter our spiritual condition, are predestinated to be overcomers. In fact, it’s normal in God’s eyes for us to be overcomers.

And Paul has the secret in 5 words, No longer I…but Christ! We need to realize that we are hopeless, give up on even trusting in ourselves, praise the Lord for His overcoming life in us, and just believe in Him and walk with Him, step by step, day by day! Hallelujah!

We Overcome in the Body!

I also enjoyed that we are in Philadelphia, the place of brotherly love, and the best place to be an overcomer! I just love the church life! It is just Paradise on earth to be eating, drinking and breathing Jesus with the saints, where Christ all and in all.

Love is just everywhere in the church life. We love Christ, Christ loves us and we love each other even as Christ loves us! I cannot do it on my own without the Body of Christ. May the Lord grant us a vision of His corporate Body in this age, to turn the age and bring Him back.

And witnessing my friend’s baptism really touched me this weekend, for now his life will never be the same. His destiny will now be to overcome and reign with Christ forever in the New Jerusalem with all the saints! But he cannot do it by himself. And we can never do it without him. Our going is now for him, and his going is for us, and we all live and stand firm in the Lord. I have only one prayer for him now: Lord, make him a pillar in the church life !

Thank You Lord for the church life! Thank You Lord that I can never be an overcomer by trusting in myself or being alone. But no longer I, but Christ! And being with the saints in the church life!

Sharing from the 2013 Fall University Conference in London, UK, from bro. T.L. (Wales). General topic: The Producing of the Overcomers.

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  1. It’s very encouraging that we are predestined to be overcomers no matter what our spiritual condition is! It’s not I but Christ! Christ is the Overcomer in us! The overcoming Head is now In every member. Hence, we must only see the overcoming One in all members. Just look away into Christ.

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